Acctrue Technology, together with Yuanshi Vineyard, to help wine enterprises go out of the “swamp” of channeling and counterfeiting goods

In China, a consumer revolution about wine life is on the rise quietly. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, more and more consumers have begun to pursue personalized, healthy and wonderful drinking experience. Consumption upgrading is promoting the gradual "iterative evolution" of the overall wine industry. As one of the first regions implementing the industrialization of wine industry in China, Ningxia production area's industrial strength ranks top among domestic wine production areas, accounting for nearly 40% of the total domestic wine production amount. It is able to produce 138 million bottles of wine, ranking first in China's winery production, with a comprehensive output value of 34.27 billion yuan. Yuanshi Vineyard is one of the best in Ningzhen's local wine industry.


Recently, Acctrue Technology successfully signed a contract with "Yuanshi Vineyard" to help the latter achieve high-quality anti-counterfeiting by using lightweight SAAS. The contract will be performed to provide its consumers with a more secure shopping scanning experience, help the brand to quickly build a digital anti-counterfeiting system, thereby maintaining a healthier market sales system for "Yuanshi Vineyard".


I."Yuanshi Vineyard", a wine winery founded by Chinese


Yuanshi Vineyard, as the highest class winery at Helan Mountain's East Foothill, is located in the Xixia District of Yinchuan City, exactly at the core area of viny region at the eastern foot of Feran Mountain in Ningxia. The Vineyard covers an area of 2,100 mu, including 2,000 mu for grape plantation, 50 mu for chateaux. The total floor area of Vineyard is 20,000 m2, and the total area of the underground wine cellar is 3708m2. In terms of overall architectural style, the Vineyard merges the inspiration of Chinese culture, absorbing the essence of the Han Dynasty's thought. Based on the natural landscape of Helan Mountain, it is built into a simple and elegant Chinese garden.




On June 9, 2020, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee pointed out during his investigation in "Yuanshi Vineyard" that: "Ningxia should combine the development of the wine industry with the work of strengthening the governance of Yellow River beach area and strengthening the ecological restoration, improve the technical level, increase the cultural connotation, enhance publicity and promotion, create its own well-known brands, and improve the added value and comprehensive benefits." The important guidance and earnest exhortations of General Secretary Xi Jinping have provided the direction and impetus for the development of Vineyard.


After nine years' efforts, the "Circle of Friends" of Yuanshi Vineyard has demonstrated continuous development, more and more people take the Vineyard as a destination for leisure tourism, making Yuanshi a Chinese Winery rooted in every wine lover's mind.


II.Gather for "Yuan", boosting upgrading of liquor channels


High quality and diversified wine channels are the key for "Yuanshi Vineyard" to win more consumers, and for consumers to taste good wine. It is like a bridge between consumers and wine companies, closely connecting the two.


1.Set label association coding, establish product metadata


Based on production line conditions and business needs of "Yuanshi Vineyard", Acctrue Technology customizes the label association coding scheme suitable for its production operations. According to the proportional relationship of product packaging levels, the box-bottle association data is generated beforehand in database, the operators in the production line manually paste the set label according to the packaging proportion, and the warehouse operator operates warehousing-in and warehousing-out via PDA. It can be activated by scanning code to associate data with physical objects, thus providing a data base for product traceability and anti-channeling control.


2.Make anti-channeling layout, ensure more powerful channel control


With the data basis of traceability code, "Yuanshi Vineyard" people will scan the code of products for warehousing-out, and bind the designated distributor after the products are delivered out of warehouse. The functional modules such as enterprise dealer management, product logistics management, channeling information collection, and market audit management are managed via the rear-end system, PDA and audit applet. The system will verify the matching degree of the products received by the distributor. If not match, the system will refuse the products and automatically give a warning, so as to realize automatic warning of channeling products, and comprehensively prevent and eliminate channeling.


"Yuanshi Vineyard" can clearly find out if there is product channeling from the rear-end, and can clearly locate the area, the dealer with channeling behavior, timely assume responsibility to people. In this way, they can control products and dealers better.


3. Scan one code for authenticity inspection, assuring the consumers


When the wine products from "Yuanshi Vineyard" are circulated and sold to consumers, consumers can scan the traceability code on the package through their mobile phones to directly jump to the official authentic product verification interface of "Yuanshi Vineyard", where consumers can clearly see the batch number, date of production, shelf life and product inspection report, etc. In this way, consumers can quickly distinguish the authenticity of products.


(Schematic diagram of product traceability query interface for Yuanshi Vineyard)



Nowadays, the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce and cruel, plus the changes in external conditions such as economic recovery, channel expansion, both liquor enterprises and distributors have to seek a more safe way of survival.


Currently, Acctrue Technology is gradually becoming a preferred partner for liquor retail brands, Group customers and top 100 customers in the industry in the process of digital traceability upgrading. In the future, Acctrue Technology will actively make innovations and help more enterprises build digital competitiveness in the smart retail times based on Acctrue's Traceability Cloud and CDC; continues to create more professional products, a more comprehensive ecology and first-class delivery, service and reputation, promoting the high-quality development of various industries by digitalization.

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