Product functions

With the unique code as the carrier, built the data management system of the whole industry chain

Aggregate storage center

Aggregate the fragmented industrial chain data to achieve in-depth mining of data value in a systematic and standardized way

Data governance center

One-stop data integration and governance to break data islands and bring in more accurate data

Labeling management center

Powerful labeling system, allowing 360° panoramic insight of business operation portraits

Data application service

Multiple BI visual reports, back-feeding intelligent decision making applications

Business application scenario

Flow inquiry, channeling inspection, cost control, member management, consumer promotion

Product highlights

Strengthen the digital and intelligent basis of enterprise and drive business growth with data intelligence

Aggregation builds enterprise core metadata

Unify the data standards from the source of production end, and take "unique code" of the product as the carrier to collect the business data of all scenarios from production to marketing, and make through SAP, MES, WMS, CRM and other third-party multi-channel data, so as to construct complete, true, accurate, available and traceable enterprise core metadata and form data assets.
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One-stop data quality management

Take commodity unique code data standard as the key, identify multi-source heterogeneous data uniformly, make up to the missing data, filter the duplicate data, and monitor the warning error and abnormal data in real time, facilitate data integration and management of the whole industry chain, break the data islands, and comprehensively improve the data quality.
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360° panoramic insight into business portraits

Collect full historic data in full domain, make multidimensional label models, reproduce all-round three-dimensional real portraits of dealers, stores, consumers in full roles, enabling digital, intelligent and fine operation management.
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Data feeds back into intelligent service applications

Multiple data analysis model algorithm + massive BI visual reports, deliver an in-depth insight into target groups, intelligent study and judgment allows extraction of business characteristics, diagnosis of business needs, comprehensively improving the effectiveness of enterprise management and marketing decisions.
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Acctrue traceability cloud one-stop digital empowerment product matrix

Well coordinate the supply chain and connect terminals to reach consumers, facilitating the business deals of the brands

Identification cloud

The integrated cloud code sending platform enables the brands to achieve efficient connection with the upstream and downstream enterprises in the packaging material supply chain.

Coding cloud

Create a unique digital identity for each item, realizing full-link lean management and digital marketing.

Supply chain cloud

The unique product code make it possible to accurately track the flow direction, flow and flow rate of products in the process from production to sales, delivering lean management of the supply chain

Terminal cloud

Relate the products with outlets for online management of millions of downstream terminals, and make the outlet owners and waiters your "golden salesmen".

Marketing cloud

Each item of product is the brand representative to connect the brand with the customers, plus diversified scan code marketing activities and massive data analysis, it is possible to achieve precise marketing of "integration of quality and efficiency".

Code Data Center

Through "business data - data asset - asset service - service business", the data integration and analysis platform covering the whole industry chain from production to sales, makes full use of data to drive global ecological optimization and business growth.

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