Terminal pharmacies have become a “place of strategic importance”!

According to relevant statistics, by 2021, the retail market sales scale of pharmacies in China had exceeded 490 billion yuan, and the number of physical pharmacies had reached 586,530. With the comprehensive and in-depth promotion of the new medical reform, now terminal retail pharmacies have become a “place of strategic importance" of OTC, health care products, some RX enterprises, medical device enterprises and other parties, and their importance is increasingly prominent. At the same time, with the rise of new retail reforms, how to use digital tools to enable retail terminals and strengthen the marketing and service capabilities of terminal pharmacies and patients is becoming the focus of brand marketing.

Marketing challenges faced by pharmaceutical enterprises in the terminal retail market

Inadequate traditional marketing methods

The state has increasingly strict control over drug advertising, and the traditional advertising and promotion methods are less effective

Inaccurate promotion methods

Unable to build accurate portraits of different types and characteristics of pharmacies and patients, and achieve accurate marketing

Online and offline fragmented

Unable to organically integrate online and offline marketing activities, and realize two-way circulation and diversion between enterprise e-commerce platforms and pharmacies

Lack of single-store operation tools

Unable to carry out refined operation and management for a single store, and effectively and immediately stimulate the store and staff's willingness to purchase and sell

Lack of display tracking management

After the display cost is invested, unable to continuously track, manage and optimize the daily display effect of the store

Lack of service ability for out-of-store patients

Unable to track the patient, or continue to provide intelligent pharmaceutical services after the patient leaves the store, or carry out continuous activation and revenue

“One code for one item” innovation drug marketing model, helping pharmaceutical enterprises win the terminal

Scheme function highlights

WeChat "Super Entrance"

In strategic cooperation with Tencent, it is the first company in China to open WeChat, and assist pharmaceutical enterprises to open up the patient data path, and realize the in-depth operation of patients with the help of WeChat "Super Entrance"

Display e-commerce diversion

Break through the online and offline channel barrier, and help brand online shopping malls to attract new customers, and improve brand sales

Intelligent strategy management

Have the function of receiving changeable activity strategies, and support intelligent awarding according to multiple dimensions such as single product, batch, dealer, document, store, time period, etc.

Pharmacy precise portrait

Gather the massive data of the whole link, build the multi-dimensional dynamic label system of the pharmacy, provide the accurate portraits for the back-end marketing, and realize the hierarchical and refined management of the pharmacy.

Efficient cost management

Whole-process online monitoring of marketing expense investment + flexible adjustment of investment strategies to achieve efficient cost management and maximize the investment rate of brand marketing expenses

AI display management

Acctrue AI in-depth learning engine fully liberates business human resources. As long as the store completes the task of "taking pictures", it can help the brand easily realize intelligent management of shelf display

Authoritative patient medical service

Based on "Tencent Medical Kit", it provides patients with anti-counterfeit tracing inquiry and authoritative medical services such as medication, drug inquiry and drug purchase;

Patient digital operation

Through diversified operation services help pharmaceutical enterprises effectively realize "patient tracking + refined management + activation and revenue", and rapidly improve brand stickiness!

Pharmacy precision marketing customer cases

Founded by Chairman Xiu Laigui in May 1995, Xiuzheng Group is a large modern private pharmaceutical enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing of Chinese patent medicine, chemical medicine and biological medicine, drug chain operation and standard cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine. By the end of 2016, the Group had 127 subsidiaries, with more than 100,000 employees, 24 dosage forms, and more than 2,000 varieties of medicine and health care products. In 2022, Xiuzheng Group, with revenue of 64.644 billion yuan, ranked 159th among China's Top 500 Private Enterprises in 2022 and 95th among China's Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in 2022.

Challenges faced by Customer

Reduce pharmacies' resistance to enterprise e-commerce platform, and promote pharmacies to help enterprises promote e-commerce platform
Integrate marketing activities of online e-commerce and offline terminals to realize linkage promotion
Promote product sales through effective channel marketing strategies
Get through the patient terminal and reach the patient through effective means


E-commerce diversion: develop online and offline integrated marketing strategies through Acctrue cloud platform. After consumers/patients purchase drugs from offline pharmacies, when they purchase drugs again on the brand e-commerce platform, the pharmacies can also receive rewards simultaneously, which effectively eliminates the resistance of the pharmacies, and improves online diversion
BC linkage: establish a linear relationship between brands, stores and patients based on one code for one item. When consumers/patients purchase drugs and scan the code to participate in the activities, pharmacies can also get rewards synchronously, and improve the pharmacies’ enthusiasm of drug sales through the marketing strategy of BC linkage.

Project achievements

Online diversion capacity improvement

Through Acctrue solutions, pharmacies can actively promote e-commerce platform and divide to e-commerce platform

Pharmacy distribution rate increase

In order to get rewards, salesmen will actively promote pharmacies offline, so as to increase the drug distribution rate

Patient reaching ability improvement

The desensitization information of consumers can be effectively collected to build user portraits, laying a foundation for subsequent member operations

Acctrue Technology X Tencent Intelligent Medicine creates a "super connector" for patients

Acctrue Technology
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Number of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises served


Coverage of TOP 100 pharmaceutical enterprises


Number of successfully-transformed production lines


Medical code data processing capacity


Tencent Intelligent Medicine
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Number of people living on WeChat every month


Proportion of people using WeChat “Scan”


Number of employees worldwide


Total market value

30000billion yuan+

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