GS1 standard of the New Specifications for Traceability Code is recognized and adopted by NMPA

GS1 is a coding standard widely adopted by the global pharmaceutical industry, but not recognized and adopted by the National Medical Products Administration of China before 2019. Therefore, in the past, imported medicines transported from foreign origins to China need to be unpacked in the bonded warehouse, and re-coded and labeled according to the domestic medicine electronic supervision code standard, which not only caused time and labor waste, greatly increased costs, but more importantly, the traceability data chain of the supply chain was broken.

Why should GS1 coding standard be adopted for imported medicines?

GSl is the general trend

At present, GS1 is adopted as the coding/labeling standard in more than 60 countries/regions that implement medicine labeling or traceability in the world

Small label, large content

Compared with the local electronic supervision code in China, the GS1 Data Matrix code has a smaller label size but can contain more information.

50% reduction in compliance cost

The global compliance can be achieved through unifying the GS1 code production line by the country of origin, and the compliance cost is reduced by more than 50%.

Global traceability integration

It is helpful for multinational pharmaceutical enterprises to build a global traceability integrated supply chain network and improve resource utilization and total factor productivity.

Improve supply chain efficiency

The adoption of GS1 can achieve 100% de-artificial operation, which is more efficient and the information is more accurate and efficient to reach the patients.

Realize "Three Medical Linkage”

Real-time visual supervision of the whole process from medicine production to use, open up the multi-terminal database of medicine, medical treatment and medical insurance, to realize the real "Three Medical Linkage"!

Reach the patients.

With GS1 code label as a carrier, it reaches the patients efficiently through smart phones, to provide diversified patient management, marketing, and medicine services.

First domestic GSl-based pharmaceutical industry traceability cloud platform

Global traceability integration service, starting from the adoption of GS1 standard

Construction of GSl traceability platform

Build a medicine traceability platform in line with the requirements of China NMPA regulations for pharmaceutical enterprises based on the GS1 international coding standard to realize the whole-link and whole-chain traceability from overseas origin to Chinese patients.

Connection with overseas L4 platforms

Open up SAP, Unitrace, Tracelink, Rfxcel and other overseas L4 platforms, and connect the association data and stock-out data of overseas main production enterprises in a one-stop manner.

Connection with national supervision/coordination platforms

Support connection with NMPA medicine traceability supervision platform and medicine traceability collaborative service platform, so as to meet the regulatory data exchange requirements in China.

Connection to the national medical insurance platform

It can be connected to the national medical insurance authentication and verification system, to realize medical insurance code matching, helping to control the medical insurance premium;

Digital management of the whole supply chain

Full-process automation, accurate flow tracing, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, dynamic inventory query, pharmacy management and marketing engergization, patient management

Patient digital service

Via the mini WeChat program of "Tencent Health Medicine Kit", provide patients with various services such as anti-counterfeit traceability query, medication reminder, online consultation and medicine purchase.

Multiple advantages to help pharmaceutical enterprises "change lanes and overtake”

Platform and scheme

The first and only provider of the whole-industry chain traceability and digital operation platform scheme of imported medicines in China; the first builder meeting the requirements of the latest national regulatory regulations and completing the implementation of imported medicine traceability platform based on the GS1 coding system;

Ecological guarantee of medicine logistics

Cooperate with several large medicine logistics enterprises, such as Sinopharm, Shanghai Pharma and CR Pharma, and have platform-level ecological connection capability to meet the requirement for multi-code compatible scanning, providing ecological support for improving the scanning efficiency of imported medicine supply chain

Global data connection

A third-party traceability platform construction unit authorized by NMPA and NHSA, which supports the one-stop connection with various mainstream L4 platforms overseas, as well as FDAGUDID platform in the United States and EU EUDAMED platform, and opens up data exchange channels at home and abroad in an all-round way, to meet the customer's compliant connection demands in the shortest time.

WeChat "Super Entrance"

Acctrue Technology cooperates with Tencent Smart Medicine strategically to support the connection with "Tencent Medical Kit" products, and provide patients with diversified pharmaceutical services based on the WeChat "Scan" super entrance, laying a good foundation for enterprise to open up the patient-side data path.

Rich experience of cases

Acctrue has been deeply engaged in pharmaceutical traceability for more than 16 years and served over 2000 pharmaceutical enterprises, including more than 100 international customers. It has complete solutions for the whole process, and provides cross-border whole-industry chain traceability services for foreign pharmaceutical enterprises and domestic leading pharmaceutical enterprises.

Information and data security

"Acctrue Traceability Cloud" platform has the "three-level protection" certification issued by The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, and its four-tier "firewall" can protect the security of customer information and data in all aspects.

These customers are using the follows

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