Functional Characteristics

Coding on cloud, a new way of GET product coding

Support multiple association modes

Support automatic association, scan association and multi-level association modes

Support third-party system integration

Support integration of ERP, WMS and WCS, MES and other enterprise information management systems

Support various barcode printing technologies

Support ordinary number code, 1D barcode, 2D barcode, and RFID label printing of various code system standards

Support multiple production modes

Support code assignment for automatic high-speed main production line and manual packaging main production line, and support offline and online modes

Compliance with multinational regulatory system standards

Comply with the regulations and standards of China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries

Product highlights

Powerful Acctrue Coding Cloudbrings you more than code assignment

Powerful application expansion capability drives full-link digitization

Acctrue's powerful product matrix of "Five Clouds + CDC" supports quick upgrading and docking to various third-party platforms to accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole link from production to sales.
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Intelligent monitoring of production lines drives lean production

With its unique production line monitoring function, Acctrue Coding Cloud is able to realize the full-chain management of production line real-time display board, data channel services and cloud-based lean analysis
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Visual production, data report analysis

Visual display board

The real-time progress of the production is viewable from the large-screen board in the workshop.

Data analysis

Analysis of historical schedule progress and actual progress report can not only effectively improve the schedule accuracy, but also enable accurate prediction of the need of timely intervention.
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Product advantages

Featuring low cost, fast launching and simple maintenance, it only takes 3 minutes from deployment to launching

Equipment inputStabilityEasy maintenanceProduction visualizationProduction line monitoringData transformationData securityMaintenance skills requirement

Traditional code assignment

HighMiddleLowWithoutWithoutHigh difficultyMiddleHigh

Acctrue Coding Cloud


Acctrue Coding Cloud delivers customized coding solutions according to the needs of different enterprises

For more details, please contact 010-84763220

Offline edition

Support hand-held coding
SAAS deployment
Platform verification

Enterprise Edition hot

Support sub-base (local verification, mainly used for domestic medicine)
SAAS deployment
Support multi-code compatible identification, meet two-vote verification requirement, and allow docking with SPD

Standard Edition

Support sub-base (compatible with UDI, export medicine, domestic medicine)
Local deployment
Dock with L4 to meet FDA data audit

Basic Edition

Verify the local base locally
Build a server
Save the data at local base

Acctrue traceability cloud one-stop digital empowerment product matrix

Well coordinate the supply chain and connect terminals to reach consumers, facilitating the business deals of the brands!

Identification Cloud

The integrated cloud code sending platform enables the brands to achieve efficient connection with the upstream and downstream enterprises in the packaging material supply chain.

Coding Cloud

Create a unique digital identity for each item, realizing full-link lean management and digital marketing.

Supply Chain Cloud

The unique product code make it possible to accurately track the flow direction, flow and flow rate of products in the process from production to sales, delivering lean management of the supply chain

Terminal Cloud

Relate the products with outlets for online management of millions of downstream terminals, and make the outlet owners and waiters your "golden salesmen".

Marketing cloud

Each item of product is the brand representative to connect the brand with the customers, plus diversified scan code marketing activities and massive data analysis, it is possible to achieve precise marketing of "integration of quality and efficiency".

Code Data Center

Through "business data - data asset - asset service - service business", the data integration and analysis platform covering the whole industry chain from production to sales, makes full use of data to drive global ecological optimization and business growth.

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