The Industry Background

With the continuous development of China's economy and improvement of people's living standards, more and more daily chemicals and cosmetics have become indispensable daily necessities from luxuries. The data shows that in recent years, the domestic daily chemicals and cosmetics industry has developed rapidly and grown into a huge market with a scale of more than 500 billion, taking advantage of the "beauty economy" and Internet e-commerce.
However, behind the booming market, the extremely rampant phenomenon of "counterfeit and smuggled goods" has become an unbearable burden for enterprises. How to prevent counterfeit cosmetics from damaging the health of consumers and disturbing the market order, and how to prevent enterprises from channeling goods and harming the brand image of enterprises are important issues that enterprises need to solve at present.

Are you experiencing the following pain points?

Prevalence of counterfeit goods

The market is awash with counterfeit and smuggled goods, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish, and seriously damaging the brand image and reputation

Prevalence of channeling goods

Channeling goods are prevalent among a large number of dealers, and it is difficult to control the channels and supervise the market

Difficulty in tracing

Unable to trace the flow direction of a product, and once leaving the factory, it likes a stone dropped into the sea

Not familiar with inventory

Do not know the real inventory of the whole supply chain, and the production and marketing layout strategy is seriously lagging behind

Difficult to promote new products

High marketing cost, difficult to promote new products, and poor effect of traditional marketing methods

Cost retention

Marketing costs are intercepted halfway and the input-output ratio is low

Missing data

Lack of terminal and user data, unable to build accurate user portraits

Digital solution of "one code for one item" for daily chemicals and cosmetics

Transformation of production line code-assigning

Conduct coding transformation to production line of the enterprise, create a "unique ID code" for each daily chemical and cosmetic, and build data acquisition correlation; the unique "internal and external coding, plain and hidden correlation" technology is extremely resistant to damage.

Genuine anti-counterfeiting protection

Provide multiple advanced physical anti-counterfeiting and digital anti-counterfeiting protection, and consumers can quickly identify the authenticity of products through various anti-counterfeiting verification methods such as vision, hearing, touch, interaction and QR code, which protects the enterprise brands.

All-channel inventory management

Realize dynamic control over the purchase, sales and inventory data of warehouses at all levels and terminal stores in the supply chain, significantly improving the inventory accuracy and providing data support for the optimization of enterprise production and sales decisions

Quality traceability management

Build a cosmetics quality traceability system to realize the real-time visual quality monitoring of products from raw materials to finished products, standardize the operation process, and reduce human errors.

Accurate flow management

Establish a flow management platform to achieve accurate flow management throughout the product life cycle

Code scanning inspection and supervision

Code scanning inspection and supervision for the while process as well as automatic warning for abnormality effectively crack down on counterfeit goods and dealers smuggling

Digitalization marketing

Provide diversified marketing methods with the product packaging QR code as the carrier to help build enterprise private domain and improve product sales

User portrait

Grasp massive user data, build accurate user portraits, and realize personalized marketing

Customer cases of cosmetics industry

Johnson & Dabao is a famous cosmetics brand in China. With the continuous deepening of the operation of Johnson & Dabao, how to better manage the flow of the brand in various channels and protect the ecosystem, and how to better communicate with consumers and improve brand stickiness have become the focuses of Dabao. Johnson & Dabao hopes to build an anti-counterfeiting traceability system with the whole life cycle management of labels as the main line, to effectively realize the anti-counterfeiting traceability of Dabao related products, and carry out diversified consumer marketing interaction relying on one code for one item.


Code assignment: the system generates a QR code and sends it to the printer
Channel inspection: check the flow in channels by scanning code on the inspection mini program
Headquarters personnel inquiry: the personnel query the code information through the code assignment platform (including bottle code, box code, customer, customer scanning times, etc.)
Bottle and box association: associate bottle code and box code in the production line through scanning equipment (manual scanning)
Consumer inquiry: consumers scan the code on WeChat to obtain product information

Project achievements

Acquisition association of one code for one item

Complete the four-level association of bottles, bundles, boxes and pallets of multiple production lines of Dabao products, covering all products sold in China;

Digital precision marketing

Realize consumer-oriented digital precision marketing by region, product and time using QR code as the medium.

Control of supply chain traceability

Realize the whole-process flow traceability, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling inspection and supervision, and effectively maintain market order and brand interests

Personalized customization

Conduct personalized customization for a variety of different brands, to meet the needs of different products.


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