With traceable source and controllable quality, the traceability of automobile accessories provides safety "code"!

In recent years, the domestic automobile manufacturing industry has developed vigorously, and various related technologies and functional applications have been rapidly updated. The application of new functions and new technologies has brought better user experience and improved brand competitiveness, but due to no precipitation, various quality problems inevitably arise. In addition, due to various types and brands of automobile parts, the endless emergence of counterfeit and inferior products has caused great harm to consumers.
In the face of complex market environment and real demands, anti-counterfeiting and the establishment of a quality traceability system with accurate tracing and accurate recall throughout the process from production to sales, have increasingly become the strong appeal of automobile parts manufacturers.

Are you experiencing the following pain points?

Prevalence of counterfeit and inferior products

In the industry with good and bad mixed, various types of counterfeit and inferior products emerge one after another, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the genuine from the counterfeit

Poor anti-counterfeiting effect

Traditional anti-counterfeiting means have high cost, cumbersome query steps, low efficiency, easy to be imitated, and poor effect.

Disordered channel management

Brands lack of control over the channels and dealers disrupt the market with channeling goods, causing huge losses to the brands

Difficulty in product quality traceability

Uncontrollable production process of automobile accessories, unstable quality, various downstream circulation links, and difficult to trace the product flow direction

Unable to reach the terminal

Do not know the real terminal sales situation, cannot reach the terminal key people and carry out personalized marketing incentives according to different market characteristics

Uneven services

Each automobile part has different technical requirements for repair and maintenance, while the terminal service level is uneven, and there is no uniform service standard


Physical + digital "dual anti-counterfeiting protection

Customize a unique ID code label for each automobile product through one code for one item + anti-counterfeiting technology, to provide "physical + digital" dual anti-counterfeiting protection, which establishes the one-to-one correspondence between commodity and anti-counterfeiting code and is easy to be identified. The high encryption of Acctrue's unique big data security system provides four-tier of data security locks for anti-counterfeiting code: anti-duplication, anti-tamper, anti-disclosure and anti-repudiation. In addition, it can effectively resist the impact of bad weather, oil pollution, ultraviolet and other external environments.

Whole-process data control

Build a reliable product big data management platform for the brands relying on the product traceability system, to comprehensively, timely and accurately collect the key business data of each scenario in the whole supply chain from production to marketing, and effectively verify its authenticity and reliability, so as to establish an efficient and convenient anti-channeling inspection mechanism based on the product big data and effectively predict the sales trend, helping the brands adjust the supply chain inventory backlog or shortage, optimizing production layout and realizing digital management of supply chain.

Standardized professional maintenance service

Output standardized professional maintenance services efficiently and conveniently to the back end with the product traceability code as the carrier, such as providing online technical training and guidance for maintenance technicians and providing diversified service tools, to improve the store service professionalism, unify service standards, and enhance brand stickiness; in addition, it provides professional consumer education to end users to improve brand reputation and loyalty.

Two-way traceability of automobile parts

Assign a unique "ID card" to each part to realize the two-way traceability of parts in the whole life cycle from "raw material supplier - parts supplier - complete vehicle factory - distributor - end customer". It not only effectively ensures the quality control during the production process to realize the digitalization and efficient management of the production process, but also achieves the accurate recall of defective products, and quickly traces the production batch, component materials and information

Omni-channel precision digital marketing

With products as the touch point, quickly penetrate key people based on one code for one item, provide diversified and personalized digital marketing capabilities for different target groups such as dealers, terminal stores, maintenance technicians and consumers, quickly drive the omni-channel purchase sales, effectively improve user loyalty and product sales, and obtain real business data in all links of the whole supply chain to help build accurate user portraits and enable marketing decision optimization

Customer cases of energy automobile accessories industry

Hyva is one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative and efficient transportation solutions in the global commercial vehicle industry and environmental sanitation service industry, and has been established for more than 40 years. It has more than 20,000 customers and over 40% of the global market share of dumper hydraulic system. To protect the interests of enterprises, regulate the market and make counterfeit and inferior products nowhere to hide, the Netherlands Hyva Group, a Fortune 500 company, has reached a cooperation with Beijing Acctrue Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly build a transnational ecological traceability and anti-counterfeiting system for automobile parts, so as to provide safe, efficient and comprehensive solutions for the quality traceability of Hyva products in China and the global market.

Challenges faced by Customer

A large number of counterfeit "Hyva" accessories on the market seriously endangers people's travel safety and Hyva brand reputation
It is urgent for Hyva to establish a set of anti-counterfeiting traceability platform for the whole supply chain, which can be easily queried
Hyva expects to achieve whole-process data control and improve data management capability
Expect to improve the channel driving sale ability, and encourage terminal stores to sell more goods


Acctrue Technology has customized a unique coding method for Hyva (China): advanced texture anti-counterfeiting technology is adopted to resist the impact of bad weather, oil pollution, ultraviolet and other external environments.
The traceability system records the product flow direction, and the refitting factories, 4S stores, branch companies and consumers, through scanning the anti-counterfeiting code, can judge the authenticity according to the flow information provided by the system and the purchase location, which is simple and effective.
Establish a member points system, implement refined user label management, and build accurate user portraits, to achieve personalized marketing, and continue to drive user transformation.
Relying on the traceability system, provide rewards for arrival sign to key people such as vehicle refitting factories, 4S stores, dealers and salesmen who scan the codes to receive goods through WeChat official account, enterprise APP and other channels
ESC edits the unique information through ERP task list, records the production, sales, flow and other information of automobile parts, helps manufacturers realize the whole-process traceability of products from manufacturers, refitting factories, 4S stores to consumers, and perfectly solves the product traceability and anti-counterfeiting and whole-process data management requirements.

Project achievements

Transnational ecological anti-counterfeiting system for the whole industry chain

Successfully build a transnational ecological anti-counterfeiting system for the whole industry chain, so that Hyva can monitor the transnational production and sales of parts in real time, and achieve the precise logistics control and traceability of each part.

Improvement of user loyalty

The membership system and personalized digital marketing strategies help Hyva successfully build a marketing closed-loop of "attract new customer - transform - repurchase", effectively improving user loyalty.

Improvement of channel driving sale ability

The efficient, immediate and attractive channel incentive strategies effectively enhance the enthusiasm of key people such as refitting factories, 4S stores, dealers and salesmen to sell goods, effectively improving the channel driving sales.

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