Why do you need to trace your products in the whole process?

Meet regulatory requirements
Help enterprises build a product quality traceability system with regulatory compliance to meet the requirements of national laws and regulations
Quality management
Product whole life-cycle management, whole-chain data tracking to truly achieve quality and safety management, and defect recall
Logistics monitoring
Query inventory status and product flow in real time to ensure easy and efficient inventory management
Channel control
Collect channel terminal data in real time and effectively monitor the product flow direction, quantity and velocity.
Warning management
Warning management of each link allows to control the abnormal situation of each node in advance, delivering easier and more efficient management.
Smart analysis
Through data mining, enterprises can obtain the analysis and statistics reports of each node management, which will support the enterprise in decision-making

One-stop Whole-industry Chain Traceability Solution from Source to Terminal

Whole-process information collection to track previous and present information by scanning the “code”.

Based on one code for one item, collect and track the whole-process real, traceable and verifiable fine-grained business data from the source of the production end to the consumer, help to realize the visualization and transparency of the whole life cycle of the product, ensure the quality and safety management, and recall the defects accurately.

Refined management of supply chain to help brands reduce costs and increase efficiency

Accurately and timely grasp the information of product flow direction and flow rate, enable to optimize the brand business process, realize digital and refined two-way tracking and traceability management, and help the brand reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Diversified consumer applications, comfortable purchase and happy consumption

Diversified consumer applications such as anti-counterfeiting verification, product traceability, “one code for one item” marketing, etc. to enable consumers to purchase at ease and consume happily, and help improve brand reputation, trust and loyalty, thus promoting the growth of brand sales.

Big data intelligent warning analysis, risk is fully controllable

Based on the whole-channel massive code scanning data, the production, supply and marketing situation is comprehensively analyzed through a variety of algorithms to achieve real-time monitoring and automatic warning, such as fleeing warning, inventory warning, imminent warning, etc. so as to help control the abnormal risks of each node in advance, and make management easier and more efficient.

Typical customers

Snow Breweries

"Two codes for one cap" help anti-channeling & marketing win-win

By applying Acctrue's "two codes for one cap" anti-channeling marketing integrated solution, China Resources Snow Breweries has realized the layer-by-layer code scanning inspection from production stock-out, dealer logistics, terminal sales to consumers, which not only greatly improves the channeling inspection ability of China Resources Snow Breweries, but also helps to recover tens of millions of economic losses from channeling. Diversified channel marketing activities are also carried out based on the ma



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Why to choose Acctrue?

Concept innovation

The first domestic supply-chain logistics information two-way traceability system, the founder of the concept of "supply chain execution system" and "two-way security traceability"

Rich experience

Serve more than 5,000 customers and establish a product quality traceability system for customers in more than 20 fields such as medicine and health, food FMCG and industrial products

Acctrue team

High-quality elite team from famous universities such as Tsinghua University and pricing enterprises such as Microsoft, Huawei, Dingjin and JDB, with more than 400 members

After-sale service

The sales service team with rich experience in key customer service provides customers with full-cycle and all-weather escort, bringing good reputation in the industry

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