Advantage integration, win-win cooperation! Acctrue Technology has been awarded the title of “Annual Excellent Partner of Tencent HealthCare”!

From September 7 to 8, Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit 2023 was successfully held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. Senior academicians and scholars from the industry, enterprise representatives, ecological partners, etc., were present at the conference and conducted in-depth and all-round exchanges and discussions around the theme of "Accelerating digital intelligence change, Bringing a fresh new industry". Besides, they also discussed the new demands, new trends, and new paths of digital intelligence integration in the era of Grand models. As one of Tencent's long-term partners, Mr. Xie Zhaohui, President of Acctrue Technology, was invited to attend the conference and won the "Annual Excellent Partner of Tencent Health", returned with great honor!


When talking about partners in his opening speech, Wu Wenda, President of Tencent Health mentioned the cooperation results with Acctrue Technology, "Tencent Health and Acctrue Technology help medical companies realize the end-to-end "one code for one item" traceability of the whole production process, improve the authority and convenience of drug & medical device tracing, providing safer and more convenient guarantee for patients' medication. Traceability is the first step for patients' medication safety. On this basis, Tencent Healthcare E-drug jointly developed with Acctrue can provide patients with intelligent medical services such as medical medication, medicine inquiry and medicine purchase, building a one-stop health management service for medication services.


Since partnering with Tencent since 2020, Acctrue Technology has developed comprehensive cooperations in such fields as Tencent security, Tencent smart retail and Tencent medicine, especially Tencent Healthcare E-drug, which opens up data links, makes efficient access to patients, allows pharmaceutical companies to understand patients. That enables private domain operation, precision marketing and other operational services for pharmaceutical companies.



Photo | Mr.Xie Zhaozhen, President of Acctrue Technology (Left 7 in the photo) attended the event


On July 3, 2023, Acctrue Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Cloud. Supported by the basic platform capabilities of Tencent Cloud, the two sides carried out comprehensive cooperations from multiple dimensions of coding platform, coding management, data analysis and others to provide combined product solutions for compliance traceability of the whole process in the field of medicine and medical devices. With this solution, each drug or medical device is assigned with a real, traceable and verifiable unique "code" data to meet the traceability regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical companies. Upon meeting the compliance requirements, pharmaceutical companies are still facing problems of connecting the upstream and downstream data and utilizing data value in the process of digital transformation.


Acctrue's CDC is the right way to solve this problem. Acctrue's CDC takes the unique code as carrier, empowers the business with data, adopts unified data standards from the source of production end, and acquire the full life cycle business data from incoming of drug materials to delivery of products, driving forward whole-link data integration of enterprises. Among the things, by leveraging its own strong technical capabilities and solution capabilities, Tencent Health's safe, efficient and resilient cloud underlying technology empowering business scenarios, Tencent Cloud SaaS platform product capabilities, operational capabilities and data capabilities, technical support is provided for production, supply, service and other links, wrong or missing transmission is avoided, data value is explored and data islands are broken. This facilitates enterprises to achieve supply chain collaboration, explore data value, and truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


Acctrue's CDC, combined with Tencent Healthcare E-drug and Tencent ecological ability and connection ability, on one hand, can help pharmaceutical companies make insight into patients, provide support for corporate decision-making and promote efficient transformation; on the other hand, business growth is driven by data intelligence to achieve the interconnection of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, making all links efficiently coordinated and the supply chain finely managed.


As a global digital traceability solution provider, Acctrue has served more than 3,000 domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies, including many import and export pharmaceutical enterprises such as Astrazeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and Xi'an Janssen, and provided them with a digital traceability system for the whole pharmaceutical industry chain in response to the national regulatory requirements of China, the European Union, the United States and many other countries. Besides, it has successfully implemented transformation of over 20,000 production lines, completed more than 50 international projects, and extended its business to over 20 countries and regions around the world. For the above, Acctrue has gained wide recognition from its partners in the industry


Acctrue Technology will continue to work together with Tencent HealthCare to accelerate the construction of an excellent digital drugs and medical devices service system, and achieve common development and long-term win-win with more pharmaceutical enterprises. In the future, Acctrue Technology and Tencent Health will combine their superior resources to make in-depth cooperation in product programs, business strategies, business models, user markets, etc., exploit their advantages to the full, further develop innovative technology, boost the digital transformation of medical device supply chain, and explore new models for digital upgrading of medicine and medical devices at home and abroad. In response to the call of the times, the Company will continue to optimize medical services, comprehensively accelerate the medical digitalization and intelligence, and bring new power to push the "digital China and healthy China" strategy.

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