How terrible is fleeing goods? The foundation of your enterprise may be shaken by it

Disturb market prices
The "price lifeline" on which the brand depends for survival may be washed down, and the product price system may collapse.
Dealers lose confidence
Local dealers' profits may be damaged, and they may lose confidence in suppliers and their products and refuse to sell.
Consumer groups lose trust
The large price difference between regions may make consumers afraid of counterfeit goods, afraid of being cheated, and dare not inquire.


Damage brand image
The brand image and reputation may be damaged, so that the early investment cannot get a reasonable return.
Products lose competitiveness
The internal channels may be chaotic, which gives the opponent an opportunity to take advantage of it, and the peers may step in and replace it.
Cause huge economic losses
Serious goods fleeing may cause irreparable huge economic losses to brand owners

“Multiple codes for one item” intelligent anti-channeling to effectively solving the problem of fleeing goods

Multiple codes for one item to 100% prevent package damage

The first “two codes for one item” overall solution can assign codes to the internal and external parts of each smallest packaging unit commodity by using Acctrue's unique patented technology of "internal and external two codes and mutual correlation". The external code is used for collection and inspection, and the internal code is used for marketing. In the event that the external code is broken, it can still rely on the user to scan the LBS location information of the internal marketing code to realize t

Anti-channeling "Skyeye", “all-scenario inspection + all-staff anti-channeling” leaving no way for channeling goods to hide!

Acctrue "Skyeye" intelligent anti-channeling system accurately grasps the flow direction, flow rate and flow rate of the whole life cycle of the product, realizes the real-time tracking of channeling goods with the "all-scenario inspection + all-staff anti-channeling", and quickly fixes the evidence chain by scanning the code with one key, forming a powerful threat to illegal dealers!

Whole-process automatic abnormal risk warning

Through the code scanning and inspection of dealers, terminal stores and consumers, LBS automatically compares and judges, realizes the whole-process channeling automatic abnormal warning, and helps the brand owners to crack down on malicious channeling quickly and severely. At the same time, the system can also provide customers with the channeling map, the channeling trend, the channeling rate, and the combined visual report analysis of consumers, channels and inspection, and help to display the centraliz

Big data inventory analysis, scientific goods supply

By setting the warning thresholds in low and peak seasons and combining the dealer's unpacking rate and the previous inventory consumption rate, and the big data integration analysis of the dealer's inventory status, help dealers to develop scientific goods supply plans based on the data analysis results, and reduce the channeling risk from the source.

Typical customers

Snow Breweries

"Two codes for one cap" help anti-channeling & marketing win-win

By applying Acctrue's "two codes for one cap" anti-channeling marketing integrated solution, China Resources Snow Breweries has realized the layer-by-layer code scanning inspection from production stock-out, dealer logistics, terminal sales to consumers, which not only greatly improves the channeling inspection ability of China Resources Snow Breweries, but also helps to recover tens of millions of economic losses from channeling. Diversified channel marketing activities are also carried out based on the ma
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Why to choose Acctrue?

Powerful product scheme

The perfect standardized product line in the product whole life-cycle forms a powerful scheme, and the system is safe and stable, easy and flexible to operate flexible, to ensure a quick start.

Mass customer validation

Through the inspection of more than 5,000 customers, such as Yili, Mengniu, Brightdairy, China Resources Snow Breweries, Nongfu Spring, Wanglaoji, Haitian, Tianwei, etc., above 90% channeling goods are effectively reduced.

Acctrue’s top team

More than 400 teams are from famous universities such as Tsinghua University and top enterprises such as Microsoft, Huawei, Dingjin and JDB, and are specialized in "one code for one item" for 18 years

Whole-process professional service

The sales service team with rich experience in key customer service provides customers with full-cycle and all-weather escort, bringing good reputation in the industry

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