Industry background

The drug traceability system is an important means to achieve drug risk management, whole-process control, and social co-governance, and is an important measure to lead the intelligent drug supervision modernization with informatization, maintain and ensure the public medication safety, enable the digital transformation of the industry, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.
As a domestic leading traceability cloud platform in the pharmaceutical industry, Acctrue Technology, in accordance with the national Law on Drug Administration, Law on Vaccine Management and other relevant regulations and standards, provides a whole-chain digital services based on drug information traceability for the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturing and trading enterprises. Since the trial implementation of the drug electronic supervision code in 2006, it has been trusted by more than 3,000 domestic pharmaceutical enterprises for 16 years.

What enterprises do we provide digital services based on drug traceability?

Pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises

Customize the construction solution of compliance traceability platform for large, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, meet the L1-L5 one-stop demand, help enterprises build the drug traceability system, and realize the whole-link digital transformation and upgrade

Pharmaceutical trading enterprises

Effectively connect with the national supervision and cooperation platform, manufacturers, hospitals and pharmacies, realize the whole-link traceability data collection and connection, ensure scanning stock-out/in and whole process traceable, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Chain pharmacies

Connect with the national cooperation and supervision platform/the traceability platform built by upstream manufacturers and the national medical insurance authentication and verification platform; dynamically manage the purchase, sales and inventory of pharmacies, support the digital marketing of stores, help to improve the re-purchase of drugs, and build a private domain membership system;

Medical institutions

Provide digital and effective means for two-vote verification; provide convenient stock-in services for medical institutions based on "code-document binding"; realize the mapping between hospital code and drug traceability code; help connect with the national medical insurance authentication and verification platform.

Integrated traceability cloud platform helps pharmaceutical digital transformation and upgrade

The trust of more than 3,000 pharmaceutical enterprises comes from comprehensive solutions

Meet traceability supervision requirements

Help pharmaceutical manufacturing and trading enterprises and medical institutions to establish a regulatory compliance drug safety traceability system and efficiently connect upstream and downstream to achieve whole-process traceability.

Connect with domestic and foreign platforms

Support the one-stop connection with the national drug, device and vaccine supervision/collaboration platform, pharmacy special drug platform, medical insurance platform and other domestic platforms and SAP\Tracelink\EU-HUB and other overseas L4 platforms to meet the requirements of global supervision and data exchange.

Break the data "island"

Open up WMS\ERP\MES and other internal information systems to achieve multi-factory, multi-system and multi-product integrated collaborative management.

Connect with pharmaceutical commercial logistics

Support the connection with WMS system of large pharmaceutical logistics enterprises or pharmaceutical trading companies to realize automatic uploading of traceability data.

Terminal digital enabling

Grasp the dynamic terminal purchase-sales-inventory data, and provide targeted and diversified digital intelligence enabling solutions according to the pain points of medical institutions and pharmacies and other different terminals, such as digital store promotion, construction of private domain membership system, and refined management of hospital SPD logistics.

Patient digital service

Provide patients with diversified intelligent pharmaceutical services such as anti-counterfeit verification, drug traceability, medication, drug inquiry and drug purchase, help them to continuously track and serve patients, obtain accurate medication feedback, and achieve better medication compliance management.

Big data intelligent analysis

Collect and gather the whole-link key business data, and provide decision support for customers to better formulate production plans and sales layout strategies based on massive data integration analysis.

Enterprise WeChat online collaborative management

Get through the enterprise WeChat, enable production enterprises and packaging material factories to efficiently connect, realize the collaborative control of information flow, logistics and capital flow in the whole process of packaging material procurement, ordering, delivery, receipt and accounting, and help pharmaceutical enterprises shorten the delivery time of goods, improve accuracy, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Scheme advantages

Multi-code compatibility, medicine and device tracking

Acctrue Technology is a GS1-based traceability cloud platform service provider in the medical industry in China, and can manage multiple products in a unified way based on the same platform, and realize the collaborative management of multi-code coexistence and drug and device tracing;

Connection to overseas platforms and global tracing

It can be connected to US GUDID and EU EUDAMED platforms to provide overseas compliance guarantee for export products;

Open up medical insurance for authentication and verification

It can be connected to the medical insurance authentication and verification system, open up the hospital HIS system, realize medical insurance premium control, and traceable flow;

Open up WeChat and serve patients

Acctrue Technology cooperates with Tencent Smart Medicine strategically to support the connection with "Tencent Medical Kit" products, and provide patients with diversified pharmaceutical services based on the WeChat "Scan" super entrance, laying a good foundation for enterprise to open up the patient-side data path.


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