Acctrue Technology, together with Tencent Cloud, to expand domestic and foreign drugs and medical devices digital traceability services, with whole-process traceability of “one code for one item”

Just imagine that when everyone buys a drug that matters their life and health from the hospital's medicine window or pharmacy, they can see the authenticity, the manufacturer and common knowledge of the drug by simply scanning the QR code on the medicine box with their mobile phone via Wechat. This will not only make them feel assured about the drug, but also show them clearly the "Responsible party" in medical link. Later, such convenient and reassuring smart medicine service will become increasingly popular.

On July 3, Acctrue Technology and Tencent Cloud signed a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly launching a joint product solution for the whole process compliance traceability in the field of medicine and medical devices. With this solution, each of the medicine and medical devices will be assigned with a real, traceable and verifiable unique "code" data. In the future, users can acquire traceability information by scanning the GS1 standard QR code through wechat. This will improve the authority and convenience of medical device traceability, and provide stronger guarantee for medication.

Xie Zhaohui, President of Acctrue Technology; Yin Xiaomei, Vice president of Acctrue Technology; Wu Wenda, Vice president of Tencent Health; Wang Feng, Vice President of Tencent Cloud and other guests attended the signing ceremony to witness the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two teams. Focusing on digital upgrading, the two sides will combine their respective advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation in product solutions, business strategies, business models and user markets, make joint efforts to push forward the digital transformation of medicine and medical device supply chain, and explore new digital upgrading models of medicine and medical devices both at home and abroad.


In recent years, China and the United States, European Union, Japan and other countries are actively pushing forward the unique identification system of medicine and medical devices. By assigning each medical device product with an "ID card", the system intends to trace and supervise the whole process of medicine and medical devices, improve the supply chain transparency and operational efficiency of drug & medical device enterprises, and effectively monitor adverse events and recall defected products, thus improving the quality of medical services and providing guarantee for patient safety.

As a global digital traceability solution provider, Acctrue has served more than 3,000 customers in pharmaceutical industry, completed the transformation of 20,000 production lines, and extended its business presence to over 20 countries and regions around the world. Besides, Acctrue Technology is also a construction unit of national identification analysis secondary node designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Specialized in independent research and development of Internet of Things digital technology, the Company offers "One code for one item" digital solutions for global medicine and health, FMCG, industrial products and other industries, and facilitates enterprises to build a digital system of the whole industrial chain.

The information-based traceability system, serving as basis for digital transformation of medicine and medical devices, must not only meet the national regulatory requirements, but also have good availability, advancement, and scalability to enable digital management of full production and circulation process of medicine and medical devices, Xie Zhaohui, President of Acctrue Technology noted. Acctrue Technology will work with Tencent to integrate the capabilities and resources of both sides in production, supply, service and other links, and adopt new technologies and innovative solutions to open up new scenarios of drug traceability industry.

Wu Wenda, Vice President of Tencent Health, said that digital technology is bringing unprecedented imagination to the medicine and medical device industry. Relying on AI, big data and other technology precipitation and digital content accumulation, Tencent Health, under the support of a safe, efficient and flexible cloud base, will work closely with Acctrue Technology to provide a digital capability map of the whole value chain and process on this track of medical field. By scanning pill box code via Wechat "scan", and using "One code for one item" traceability, the electronic instructions, online consultation, medical science and other service capabilities are applied to patient scenes, and they are available to more users via Tencent ecology and enterprise Wechat, etc. This will boost the efficient digital operation of enterprises. In this way, not only a whole ecological innovative model solutions can be developed, but also long-term and good interaction with medical device enterprises and ecological partners.

As introduced by Wang Feng, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, by virtue of the basic platform capabilities of Tencent Cloud, the two sides have built an "assured platform" in various industries such as retail, agriculture, food, warehousing logistics to provide anti-counterfeiting traceability product solutions, and have developed in-depth cooperations from multiple dimensions such as coding platform, coding management, and data analysis. This time, the two sides will work together to promote the digital traceability of medicine and medical devices, activate a greater digital imagination and bring efficient changes to the drugs & medical devices industry.

The launching and popularization of smart medical treatment has entered into a new stage at higher pace, becoming the intersection of healthy China and digital China. Acctrue Technology and Tencent Cloud's exploration in digital traceability of drugs & medical devices will add a "security code" for the industry's healthy development by strengthening regulatory measures and risk control capabilities, and will also meet the needs of drug & medical device enterprise customers in more dimensions and achieve common development and long-term win-win result.

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