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Our traceability digital concept

Digitalization does not mean a choice, but the inevitable course of enterprise development!

The construction of traceability system constitutes the infrastructure of industry digitization!

Getting through the supply chain, connecting the terminal and reaching the consumer are the goal of industry digitization!

Real and reliable traceability data is the bottleneck of industrial digitization!

Establishing a unique code standard from the production source is the key to build the whole-industry chain digital system!

Digitization value: establish all-contact connection, gather all-scenario data, and enhance all-element value!

Xie Zhaohui, Chairman and President

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Non-pharmaceutical industry The pharmaceutical industry

Link to "people"

To break the dilemma that brand owners cannot reach consumers ,connect the key people of all channels to realize precision marketing and improve the ROI of marketing expenses

Link to "goods"

Take the product as the entry point, establish the full contact link, collect the whole scene data, realize the full link tracking and tracing, and control the flow velocity of the commodity flow accurately in real time.

Link to"field"

To achieve online channel terminals, visualization, transparency, fine management and control and precise immediate incentive, to help overall cost reduction and efficiency, promote sales growth.

Data integration

From production to comsumers, help the enterprise construct the big data management system, driving the application of diversified data intelligence, enabling data to guide business!

Link to "medical institutions"

Open up the supply chain, connect hospitals, pharmacies and other terminal medical institutions, help strengthen the control of medical device use risks, reduce use errors.

Link to “patients”

Connect patients based on "one code for one item", realize efficient and convenient pharmaceutical services by intelligent means.

Link to "medical insurance"

Connect the national medical insurance authentication and verification platform, help to control medical insurance costs.

Link to "medicines"

Create a globally compliant medical traceability system, realize the whole life-cycle visual and transparent management, and ensure patients' medication safety.

Build a complete traceability data chain from source to terminal, and create a whole-industry chain digital ecosystem.


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Trillions of codes assigned

The total number of codes assigned by Acctrue ranks the first in China, and the annual number of codes assigned by a group project is more than 80 billion, and the code management volume exceeds one trillion.

Global Traceability

Acctrue has more than 100 international customers in more than 20 countries through two-way data docking with American Tracelink, SAP, OCS and other global platforms.

Digital production

With excellent digital transformation capability of production lines, Acctrue has been devoting itself to research and build factories since 2004, and has completed the transformation of more than 20,000 production lines.

Industrial possessing

Acctrue has successfully served more than 5,000 customers, covering pharmaceutical, FMCG, industrial products and other industries, including more than 90% of foreign capital and top-100 customers in the pharmaceutical industry, with more than 70% of the total share of the pharmaceutical industry.

Choose because of trust

Capital endorsement

· Inotech National Development and Reform Commission Industrial Fund, Tencent Industrial Fund and COWIN CAPITAL jointly invest;
· Nearly 100 million yuan of Series C financing was completed in 2021.

Government endorsement

· Level-II Node Construction Unit with national logo resolution designated by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China;
· The third-party drug traceability platform approved by the National Medical Products Administration of China.
· The Chairman Xie Zhaohui is the drug traceability digital expert specially appointed by the National Medical Products Administration of China.

Security endorsement

It has passed the national "three-level protection" certification, which is the highest level of information security certification for non-bank institutions by the state, and provides the escort for customer data security and information security in the whole process.

Industrial advantages

The independently-built IoT industrial base - Acctrue High-tech Park, located in Wuxi, covers an area of 20 mu, and integrates five functions: intelligent factory, research and development center, digital college, test center, and operation service center.

Breakthrough because of choice


of marketing costs saved

The "whole-industry chain traceability and precision marketing ecosystem" created by Acctrue Technology has helped us effectively improve our capabilities in channel management, data management, terminal management and consumer marketing. It is estimated that it will help to save more than 200 million yuan in marketing costs every year!

A famous FMCG brand


of fleeing goods have been reduced

Acctrue Technology's intelligent anti-channeling solutions help us timely discover and accurately crack down on channeling behaviors, effectively reduce 90% channeling goods, and help to recover huge cost losses every year.

A famous beverage brand


Membership growth

In the code-scanning marketing activity of “keep receiving red packets to win JCDecaux BMW car” jointly created with Acctrue Technology, the number of target customer group members of our official mini program increased by 1 million in 8 months.

JCDecaux (China)


Number of hospitals covered

The GS1 whole-industry chain traceability digital platform project of imported drugs built in cooperation with Acctrue Technology has helped our imported drugs successfully connect hospitals, national medical insurance departments and patients, and established a complete traceability information chain based on GS1 international standards. Up to now, it has covered more than 160 circulation enterprises and more than 400 hospitals.

Xi'an Janssen

Continuous trust because of choice

since 2008

Yili and Acctrue have been cooperating for


since 2009

China Resources Snow Breweries and Acctrue have been cooperating for


since 2010

AstraZeneca and Acctrue have been cooperating for


since 2011

Bayer and Acctrue have been cooperating for


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