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The production line is too complex and difficult to code and transform.


Coding is required, but the cost of hardware procurement is too high.


The deployment and upgrade cycle is too long and complex.


It is lack of professional and technical talents, and it is difficult to maintain later.


The interface of the coding system is too complex and confusing.


The personalized coding requirement cannot be realized.


The system is deployed in its own equipment room, with high data security risk.


Follow-up value-added services are too few to make full use of the value of product codes.

The "cloud coding" solution is created for the ultimate user experience
The traditional coding is upgraded to cloud service, and the data link is opened, with low investment and good effect, and guaranteed services!

Acctrue Cloud Coding Solution

It is lightly loaded with less equipment and personnel investment and lower cost.

SAAS-based deployment enables online coding function deployment to only take a few minutes!

The product is simple and easy to use and faster to start!

Personalization requires flexible customization and efficient interconnection and sharing between upstream and downstream.

Quadruple security guarantee provides all-round protection for your data!

Acctrue professional team is responsible for operation and maintenance services, and additional professionals shall not be assigned for users.

It has significant advantages of production visualization and can monitor production data in real time with mobile phones.

Traditional Coding Solution

The one-time cost of purchasing hardware products is high and servers need to be installed.

The process of purchase, deployment and upgrade is complex and time-consuming.

Product design and configuration are complex.

The product configuration is not flexible and cannot meet the requirements of personalized coding and traceability.

There are data security risks and policy supervision risks.

Later maintenance is difficult, and professionals are required.

There are no production visualization and production line monitoring functions.

Each product can find a suitable coding method
Multiple coding methods are available to fully meet the user's personalized coding requirements!

Thermal/Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

Applicable to plastic film surface

Laser coding machine

It can clearly mark all plastics and other materials that have adverse reactions to heat, and is widely used in pharmaceutical and FMCG industries.

Inkjet printer

It is widely used in beer, metal can bottom, carton, jute liner board surface, crown cap and building material surface.

Label printing

The requirement for line body is not high, and the resolution is 300DOP, which is often used for plane labeling and large box labeling.

Multi-code association to meet the personalized needs of enterprises
Innovative "multiple codes for one item, multi-code association" technology extends the enterprise's management tentacles to every corner to meet personalized needs

Multi-code association

Product inner code

Interactive marketing, inspection and damage prevention

Carton inner code

Whole-carton collection and marketing incentives

Pallet code

Whole-palletizer scanning stock-out to improve efficiency and reduce cost

Product outer code

Product traceability and channeling inspection

Carton outer code

Product traceability and inspection management

Advertising code

Full-contact connection to users to improve advertising marketing power
Personalized enabling application

Digital anti-counterfeiting code

Secure, reliable and untampered

Secure tracing code

Whole-process two-way tracing

Terminal enabling code

Online management of millions of terminals

Intelligent anti-channeling code

Whole-process automatic abnormal warning

Channel control code

Supply chain refined management

Precision marketing code

Personalized precision marketing

All-round back-end value-added services
Acctrue Technology X Tencent's "one code for one item” full-link digital solution escorts your digital strategy in the whole process!

For non-pharmaceutical industry For pharmaceutical customers Interface display

End-to-end quadruple data security protection



Data tamper-proof

Strict management of system operation authority and data authority, data "multiple locks for one carton", separation of multiple rights, and strict prevention of data tampering.

Data non-repudiation

Key business operation records are signed with digital certificates, and the audit logs are traceable for effective non-repudiation.

Data leakage prevention

  • Code generation whole-process closed management
  • Multiple algorithms for high data encryption
  • Code data flow channel isolation to eliminate manual operation

System damage prevention

The private key completely owned by the customer can effectively prevent damage.

Acctrue advantages
18 years of deep cultivation, the enterprise coding and production line digital transformation expert beside you!

Technical advantage

With more than 50 technical patents and more than 100 software copyrights, technical capabilities ranked in the forefront of the industry

Equipment advantages

Customized independent intelligent factory equipment, with implementation efficiency and delivery capacity ranked first in the industry

Scheme advantages

With a strong product matrix to provide customers with whole-chain digital services

Service advantages

Full-cycle complete service system to escort the operation and maintenance team for 7 * 24 hours

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