Transformation and upgrading are burning issues for the traditional production and marketing operation mode


Difficult to crack down the prevalence of counterfeit goods

Prevalence of counterfeit goods, and traditional physical anti-counterfeiting labels are costly, easy to copy and difficult to identify;


Difficult to control the prices disturbed by channeling goods

Serious dealers' goods channeling, disordered price system, and the traditional packaging anti-channeling means are costly and easy to be destroyed.


Too many pain points in marketing

Unable to accurately control the marketing expenses, serious liquid leakage, long payment cycle is long, and poor incentive effect.


Data chain cannot be connected

The internal system of the enterprise is not interconnected, and it is urgent to open up the data chain and realize master data management.


Too extensive channel management

Backward channel management, and the brand owners do not know the real inventory, market driving sales and consumer data.

"One code for one item” promotes the digital transformation and upgrading of the brand in a one-stop manner

Introduction to scheme application functions

Digital production, more secure anti-counterfeiting protection

Digital channels, more refined supply chain management

Digital stores, BC integrated operation of millions of terminals

Digital marketing, improving repurchase and diversion

Digital applications, making data available

Code generation and assignment Packaging coding Multi-code association Brand protection

Anti-counterfeiting security, starting with "unique digital identity"!

The integrated cloud code assignment service creates a unique digital identity for each product with the smallest packaging unit; the whole-process closed management from code generation to activation, whole-process encrypted transmission and correlation verification can realize data anti-disclosure, anti-tamper, anti-destruction and anti-repudiation, bringing you an international anti-counterfeiting security experience!

Customized packaging and coding scheme, supporting "multiple codes for one item"

Customize packaging and coding solutions suitable for various types of food and beverage products according to different product packaging and application requirements, and work processes; support multiple codes for one item to meet diverse needs such as brand anti-counterfeiting traceability, channel control, terminal enabling and digital marketing.

Multi-code association verification, doubling the anti-counterfeiting effect

Is one layer of protection insufficient? The multiple-level association verification mechanism can be used, such as "anti-counterfeiting code + serial number" and "cover inner code + box outer code", doubling the protection and anti-counterfeiting effect!

Integrated brand protection, preventing anti-counterfeiting

Based on Tencent big data capabilities, help enterprises monitor, effectively intercept and quickly block anti-counterfeiting query web pages globally, achieving an integrated brand protection solution.
Product traceability Intelligent anti-channeling Warehouse management Rebate and profit sharing

Whole-process traceability enabling source check and flow direction tracing

Full lifecycle traceability from raw material processing to end consumer products, ensuring that "the source can be checked, the flow direction can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated the risk can be controlled"!

Intelligent anti-counterfeiting inspection, effectively eliminating over 90% counterfeiting!

Intelligent inspection from dealers, stores to consumers layer by layer and omni-channel big data automatic abnormal warning, effectively eliminating over 90% counterfeiting, and reducing labor costs!

Stock-in/out automation, visualized and precise control of full-channel inventory

Use the barcode, QR codes, RFID and other coding forms to scan the code for stock-in/out, and connect with ERP, WMS and other third-party information systems to achieve visual and transparent management of goods in the system, in transit and in the warehouse, and accurately control dynamic inventory information in real time.

Digital channel incentive to maximize the expense investment efficiency!

Reconstruct the brand channel distribution model by one code for one item, cooperate with the channel incentive policy, and use diversified digital incentive forms to help brands enhance the channel sales enthusiasm and maximize the channel expense investment efficiency.
Purchase incentives AI display management Intelligent bottle cap recycling BC linkage Store authentication Store reach Gift management

"One store, one policy” intelligent marketing incentives, enabling instant, efficient and transparent payment of expenses!

By replacing traditional offline procurement promotion methods with digitalization, achieve intelligent and reasonable "one store, one policy” marketing policy and instant and efficient payment of expenses, to effectively stimulate the willingness of terminal procurement, avoid various difficulties such as gray costs, cumbersome processes and verification difficulties, and achieve maximum expense investment efficiency.

AI intelligent display management, maximizing the display cost efficiency!

Nudge the shelf for AI intelligent identification and scoring, to easily achieve daily display tracking management, help the brand to liberate business human resources, maximize the efficiency of display costs, and improve the terminal customer conditions!

Prize digital verification, making intelligent redemption more convenient and secure!

Scan to redeem prizes intelligently, solving the problem of prize bottle cap recycling in traditional beverage marketing activities, making the bottle cap recycling process more convenient and safe, and enhancing the willingness of consumers and channel terminals to participate!

BC integrated linkage marketing, restructuring digital marketing model!

Reconstruct the digital marketing model, achieve BC integrated community marketing policy based on one code for one item, precisely stimulate stores to participate in brand marketing activities with "interests + fun", making shop owners and shopping guides become the brand "golden salesman".

Store authentication, making fake stores have nowhere to hide!

Based on Tencent Maps big data and merchant openid, effectively verify the authenticity of stores, making fake stores have nowhere to hide!

Efficient access to stores, enhancing terminal control!

Through lightweight mini-program tools, Acctrue Terminal Cloud based on one code for one item helps the brand easily reach terminals to establish relationships between brands and store owners, shopping guides and consumers, and achieve digital store management.

Efficient management of gifts to eliminate promotional interception!

Whole-process online management of goods signing, transfer and distribution, ensuring whole-process traceability, eliminating promotional interception, and making benefits really reach to consumers!
Marketing risk control Precise placement of expenses Member marketing Scan code marketing Full scenario marketing

Marketing risk control, eliminating the econnoisseur!

Tencent Cloud AI intelligent risk control accurately identifies the econnoisseur, making every penny count. Practice has proven to help save about 10% of marketing expenses!

Precise placement of expenses, improving expense utilization efficiency!

Accurate placement strategy management of marketing expenses, and timely and effective management of before, during and after the event, effectively improving expense utilization efficiency

Build a membership system to deeply operate user assets!

Scientific membership points system + personalized points mall carrier + emotional interactive marketing = deep operation of user assets

Dozens of marketing methods, there is always one for you!

Acctrue Marketing Cloud supports dozens of scanning activity forms, which can be freely chosen to make marketing more interesting!

All-scenario personalized customized marketing schemes

Customized one code for one item product marketing activities for various online and offline marketing scenarios, to accurately grasp customer/key person interest points, and help improve sales conversion!
Marketing insights Channel marketing Flow visualization Distribution analysis Regional monitoring Counterfeiting monitoring

Marketing data insights

Based on massive desensitization data, help enterprises accurately perceive user profiles, achieve effective marketing effectiveness evaluation, and empower optimization of marketing decisions

Channel driving sale analysis

Based on massive scanning data, help enterprises accurately control the full-channel marketing situation!

Dynamic flow visualization

Provide cross-regional and cross-link code dynamic flow information monitoring, and customize code monitoring and warning visual data reports as needed, such as code turnover efficiency charts, to help achieve group-level integrated management.

Distribution intelligent analysis

Collect dealer stock-in/out data, and analyze reach cities, dealers and distribution speed combined with marketing conditions, to help enterprises quickly grasp key sales areas and optimize production and sales decisions!

Real-time regional monitoring

Coordinate the number of code scans, the distribution and ranking of the number of code scanning people in provinces and cities at the group level, monitor the geographical distribution and popularity of markets and activities in real time, and combine product flow data to help enterprises optimize their regional sales layout.

Counterfeiting intelligent monitoring

Though scanned data LBS automatic identification, displays centralized warnings for counterfeiting inspection at the group level, helping enterprises effectively control channel risks!

Successful case

Acctrue Technology & China Resources Snow Breweries: "one code for one item” promotes the whole beer industry chain digital operation management and precision marketing

Based on one code for one item, Acctrue Technology helps China Resources Snow Breweries establish a complete set of "whole industry chain traceability and precision marketing ecosystem". By building a real, traceable and verifiable commodity traceability system, it has accurately empowered the full-link digitalization from production, channels, terminals to consumers, and helped build a "customer-centered" efficient and lean digital supply chain. It has helped Snow Breweries solve multiple problems such as anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, data acquisition, marketing expense control, and consumer precision marketing in a one-stop manner, and realized the overall improvement of channel management, data management, terminal management, and consumer marketing abilities. Up to now, the system has successfully covered Snow Breweries companies in six major regions, and the cumulative number of code scanning has exceeded hundreds of millions, helping Snow Breweries save hundreds of millions of marketing expenses each year.
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Successful case

Acctrue Technology & Yili: lead the industry in electronic supervision of dairy products to create a quality benchmark for dairy industry

Acctrue's long-term strategic partner with cooperation for more than ten years, helping Yili build a digital platform for one code for one item whole-industry chain traceability, satisfying diverse needs such as anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, precise flow data collection and interconnection, and unified management by multiple business departments, guaranteeing comprehensive management and real-time monitoring from production to sales, logistics and information flow, becoming the first enterprise completing electronic supervision of dairy products in the industry, and solidifying the quality benchmark of the dairy industry.
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National high-tech enterprise, more than 50 patented technologies, over 100 software copyrights

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Focus on traceability for more than ten years, from the concept pioneer to the industry leader, leading China's "intelligent" manufacturing

Customer advantages

Continuous trust from nearly one hundred of Fortune 500 enterprises and over 5000 global users, and rapid copy of the group-level excellent solutions

Scheme advantages

"Industry chain traceability + data center + SaaS service" one-stop solution digitalization

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Gather senior experts and top technical talents in FMCG industry, grasp the industry trend in real time and lead the industry

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Excellent marketing & service teams distributed across the country, rich experience in key customer service, and rapid response to demand

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