Product traceability makes the quality visible and sensible and life more comfortable!

Building materials are the material foundation of construction engineering, and the quality of building materials directly affects the safety and durability of buildings.
The product quality and safety has always been a hot issue of concern to the public, and how to ascertain the causes and claim responsibility after product problems occur frequently is a critical need of consumers. The product quality traceability system thus came into being. Through collecting and recording the information of product during production, circulation, consumption and other links, the source can be checked, the flow direction can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated, so as to strengthen the quality safety management and risk control of the whole process.

Are you experiencing the following pain points?

Prevalence of counterfeit and channeling goods

Prevalence of counterfeit and inferior goods and low-price channeling goods in the market seriously damages brand benefits and image

Lack of consumer trust

Due to the uneven quality of products in the industry, consumers generally lack of trust in the brand, and the brand urgently needs to improve the trust in products and sense of value!

Difficulty in channel control

Insufficient ability to control downstream channels, poor informatization and digitalization, and non-transparent supply chain

Difficulty in product marketing

Only rely on the natural flow of traditional channels, unable to reach key people, gather user groups, and realize the conversion of recycling repurchase


Integrated management of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling traceability

Help building materials customers build an integrated management platform for product anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling inspection and quality traceability based on one code for one item, and customize "electronic ID card" for each building materials product, so as to eliminate counterfeit goods, realize quality traceability control throughout the process from production to sales, and provide a variety of convenient query methods to make the product quality visible and reliable!

Accurate motivation for key person

With a variety of products as the touch point, the decoration foreman, store owners, workers, designers and other key user groups are accurately reached through a low-cost way based on one code for one item, and targeted design of digital marketing incentive strategy is provided in combined with the brand channel incentive policy, so as to quickly enhance the enthusiasm of key people to purchase, recommend and sell goods as well as brand loyalty.

Visual lean control of supply chain

Collect and trace the key business data of the product during the whole process from production to sales based on the "unique ID card", accurately control the quantity of flow, flow direction and flow rate of the product in real time, and realize the whole chain visual and refined management of the product in the raw material incoming, production and processing, warehousing logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption.

Personalized precise digital marketing

Provide brands with personalized digital marketing services of one product one policy, one batch one policy, one dealer one policy, and one order one policy through "traceability code + marketing code" on the basis of comprehensive control of product flow data, build accurate user portraits and help brands build a full-link closed-loop member marketing system of "attract new customer - transform - repurchase", to achieve continuous refined user operation and effectively improve user loyalty and marketing RO


Davco (China), a wholly-owned enterprise founded in China by French ParexGroup in 1998, is a world-famous provider for special mortar solutions and coating products for the construction industry. Davco K11 waterproof paste, Davco color ceramic tile filler, Davco TTB ceramic tile adhesive and other products have won the trust of users with their reliable quality, and have become high-quality products in the Chinese market.

Challenges faced by Customer

Lawbreakers forge and imitate Davco products in a large number, strictly infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise and consumers.
Non-transparent supply chain data, hoping to improve the channel terminal control ability
Single marketing means, hoping to carry out personalized marketing strategies for different regions and different products
It is expected to increase the attention of Davco official mini program in the target user groups and encourage key people to sell and recommend more goods


Establish an ecological anti-counterfeiting system based on data security of "multiple correlation + multiple cross validation", to realize the visual and transparent control over the whole life cycle of products, crack down on counterfeiting and maintain brand value.
Connect the flow data and combine the marketing data with the flow data to provide the most accurate data service and realize the personalized marketing combined with the flow data.
Provide a complete code management scheme from the code assignment, activation, deletion and other links, connect the packing plant and production plant, and use the background, PDA, mobile phone mini program to operate, which is more convenient and safer
Build a full-link closed-loop member marketing system of “attract new customer - transform - repurchase", and continue to output high-value services in combination with mini programs and official account.

Project achievements

Big data anti-counterfeiting traceability

Establish a big data ecological anti-counterfeiting system by giving each commodity a unique "ID card number" based on one code for one item, and implement the whole life cycle traceability management of the products, leaving no way for counterfeit goods to hide, which effectively improves the market competitiveness of Davco (China) brand.

Private domain members increased by over 1 million

The digital marketing platform provides diversified and personalized consumer marketing capabilities and more accurate data services, helping the Davco mini program mall to attract new customers, improve the active degree of members, and achieve an increase of over 1 million fans in the official mini program within 8 months.

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