Many large FMCG brands choose Acctrue HappyScan digital marketing


A famous beer brand adopted Acctrue HappyScan for red packet marketing activity in Heilongjiang in 2021, which achieved an average code scanning rate of 62%.


The number of fans of a famous building materials brand has increased by 1 million within 8 months of activities through the application of Acctrue HappyScan.


A famous yoghurt brand achieved an average code scanning rate of 50% and a repurchase rate of 57% by applying Acctrue HappyScan


A well-known milk powder brand achieved repurchase of 10 times per capita through the application of Acctrue HappyScan

Are you still troubled by these problems in product marketing?

Inflexible promotion

Single promotion method and unable to take timely and effective intervention measures for the current activities, and low efficiency.

Inaccurate marketing

Unable to carry out personalized and accurate marketing according to consumer attributes and behavior characteristics

High cost of customer acquisition

More and more expensive advertising, and higher and higher cost for getting customers

Uncontrollable marketing

Difficult to evaluate the marketing effect and the marketing expenses are uncontrollable

Difficulty in data precipitation

Difficult to accurately obtain consumer information and form consumer portraits, and marketing decision-making lacks data support

With one code for one item, Acctrue HappyScan can help you realize four value promotions

Lower-cost flow entrance

By assigning a unique marketing code to each product, break the c