Five core characteristics

Fully meet the traceability system construction requirements of different enterprises

High compatibility

Allow seamless connection with the enterprise information management system, compatible with various data standards and interfaces, support enterprise customized services

High expansibility

Support full-link function expansion from packaging materials to consumers; support code128, GS1, SGTIN, SSCC, QR code and other code systems

High integration

Interconnection, real-time sharing and efficient collaboration of full-link data from production to marketing

High compliance

Comply with the requirements of traceability regulations in most countries and regions; meet the verification requirements of GMP/GSP, 21CFRPart11, Annex11 and other systems

High security

Capable of processing a hundred-billion data per year, have multiple security measures, perfect performance monitoring system and professional data backup, recovery and optimization mechanism

Four core values

Boost the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises

Core value

One-stop traceability service

Make possible the whole process visual management of raw materials incoming, product production, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales and market consumption, and boost the enterprises to quickly establish a traceability system meeting the national and market supervision requirement

Multidimensional data analysis

Provide the enterprises with various data services of new product research and development analysis, competitive product strategy analysis, growth expectation analysis, supply chain optimization, logistics optimization analysis, sales strategy optimization, channel layout optimization, regional sales analysis, terminal sales analysis, consumer behavior analysis, building an ecological chain for enterprises to quickly respond to market demand.

Whole-process control of supply chain

Improve the activities and processes of planning, coordination, operation, control and optimization of all links in the enterprise supply chain, and achieve real-time observation of the whole supply chain network

One-stop data collaboration

Eliminate information islands, allowing interconnection, real-time sharing and efficient collaboration of the enterprise data with the upstream and downstream data of the whole industrial chain

New product design

"Cloud + Management + Terminal" one-stop service

One-stop digital enabling product matrix

Acctrue traceability cloud well coordinates the supply chain and connect terminals to reach consumers, facilitating the business deals of the brands!

Acctrue Identification Cloud

Integrated cloud coding platform

Packaging material factory uses code collaborative system to help the brands efficiently connect with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the packaging material supply chain.
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Acctrue Coding Cloud

Visual cloud code assignment management system

Create a unique digital identity for each item, making product traceability, full-link lean management and digital marketing possible.
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Acctrue Supply Chain Cloud

Supply chain lean management system

Based on the unique code of the product, accurately track the flow direction, flow rate and velocity of the product from production to sales, realizing the visualized lean supply chain management of the whole chain.
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Acctrue Terminal Cloud

Digitalization operating system of terminal stores

In the context of new retail, relate the products with outlets for online management of millions of downstream terminals, and make the outlet owners and waiters your "golden salesmen".
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Acctrue Marketing Cloud

Consumer precision marketing system

Each item of product is the brand representative to connect the brand with the customers, plus diversified scan code marketing activities and massive data analysis, it is possible to achieve precise marketing of "integration of quality and efficiency".
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Acctrue Code Data Center

Data intelligent analysis platform with better understanding of business

Through "business data - data asset - asset service - service business", the data integration and analysis platform covering the whole industry chain from production to sales, makes full use of data to drive global ecological optimization and business growth.
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Intelligent hardware product

Focusing on technological innovation for over 10 years, Acctrue Traceability Cloud will deliver you with integrated software and hardware services

Product functions

Comprehensive coverage of traceability system application scenario

Barcode issuing center

Product management

Data uploading and downloading

Data storage

Traceability code management

Traceability data management

Contact company information

Public query

Flow direction query

Flow report

Flow direction query

Regulatory report management

Upstream and downstream supply chain partner data...

Service release management

Product flow query

Production traceability management

Management and control of supply chain

Marketing management

Traceability management of raw and auxiliary materials

Basic report

Data analysis

Coding + cloud platform one-stop service

Local online application/download code to coding…

ERP interface secondary development

Computer system verification service

Report development

Marketing function development

DI upload (including exports to the European Union and the United States...

PI management (Device Edition)

Label template customization and label printing (...

Store enabling

Patient digital service

Four core advantages

Create an end-to-end smooth data ecosystem

GS1 International standard

The only medical industry traceability cloud platform service provider in China based on GS1 international standards

Docking with national platforms

Make substantive docking with the national pharmaceutical collaboration platform, provincial bureau platform, medical insurance platform and pharmacy special drug platform in the industry.

Multi-code coexisting, tracking both medicines and devices

Manage a variety of products based on the same platform to achieve the coexisting of multiple codes and tracking of both medicines and devices

Grade III classified protection certification

The national highest-level information security qualification of non-bank institutions "Grade III classified protection certification", providing good guarantee for data security and information security

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