01Code assignment of production line


The collection rate of bottle cap and box code is low

A: possible cause: 1) This is caused by code printing and should be reported to the relevant groups and relevant personnel. 2) This is caused by incorrect parameters. The brightness, gain and other parameters should be adjusted. 3) This is caused by the incorrect position of the equipment, and the position of the camera or electronic eye should be adjusted. 4) This is caused by water droplets on the bottle cap or dirty camera lens, which should be fed back to the operators, section heads and relevant groups

Error reporting indicates network failure

A: Check whether the industrial computer, camera and network equipment are normal; check whether the network cable and connector are normal; check whether the power supply of relevant equipment is normal.

The number of rear section stacking interfaces on the code assignment software of the all-inclusive IPC remains unchanged.

A: Close the front and rear code assignment software, and then open the front code assignment software first and then the rear code assignment software.

Abnormal closing of the front or rear code assignment software results in inconsistent display tasks on the front and rear code assignment interfaces.

A: Close the front and rear code assignment software, and then open the front code assignment software first and then the rear code assignment software.

The industrial computer crashed.

A: Check whether the IPC is caused by too long startup time. If the startup time is too long, shut down the IPC and restart the IPC. Check whether there is looseness or conflict between the devices such as the memory module of the industrial computer, and confirm that there is no conflict between the devices.

After the IPC is turned on, the display screen is black and does not respond.

A: After unplugging the memory module and hard disk wiring in the chassis, try to power on again.

It is unable to suspend task.

A: Check whether the network is normal.

It is unable to connect to the network.

A: 1) Reconnect to the network. 2) Check whether the network is normal. 3) If it is caused by network, relevant personnel shall be informed.

This code is not found.

A: Check the specific reason on the industrial computer. If it is missed, upload it again. If it is zero (less than one tray), notify the warehouse keeper.

02Inbound and outbound logistics issues


What to do if the handheld device reports an abnormal English error?

Answer: Try to login the password of the handheld account again.

What to do if the handheld equipment reports an ERP-related error?

Answer: Contact the ERP operation and maintenance personnel to check whether the ERP is abnormal.

What to do if the handheld account password is wrong?

Answer: If the warehouse keeper forgets the account and password, contact the relevant personnel to reset it.

My handheld PDA can only identify the Mashangfangxin traceability code starting with (8), but can't identify the Acctrue traceability code starting with (6/9), what should I do?

Answer: Replace the handheld device, you can contact Acctrue for purchase. Acctrue handheld device has no limit on code segment.

What format is the stock-in and -out documents? Can the EXCEL format be uploaded to the traceability system?

Answer: It is the Mashangfangxin XML format and does not support excel.

03LINKLINK platform issues


How to adjust the characters "China Electronic Supervision Code" on the package if it is on the Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform?

Answer: The National Medical Products Administration requires enterprises to build their own traceability platforms, and manufacturers can choose to use the characters "Traceability Code of An Enterprise"; from the perspective of Acctrue, it is recommended to use the ‘Drug Traceability Code'.

Can the printing enterprise use Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform to facilitate the management of pharmaceutical enterprises?

Answer: Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform has the corporate role of a printing enterprise. The entrusted processing and production enterprise or manufacturer can send the packaging material printing task to the printing factory in the form of email, and carry out tracking management; or the printing enterprise can download printing tasks entrusted by the upstream production enterprise directly from the platform.

What IT environment is required for platform access?

Answer: It only requires accessing the PC with WAN and the IE browser without installing the client and using the secret key. The Acctrue traceability cloud data is transmitted with the encryption method.

What is the relationship between the PDM system already used by the old customers of Acctrue and the Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform?

Answer: The PDM system is mainly used to realize the internal planning and implementation of the traceability data management of the enterprise. The Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform focuses more on the data interconnection between the upstream and downstream partners of the enterprise. The PDM can interface with the Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform to achieve the integrity of traceability chain and the automatic upload and download of data.

For Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform, can Acctrue provide computer system verification or assist enterprises to carry out relevant audit work?

Answer: Yes. Acctrue has served in the pharmaceutical industry for decades, and has a deep understanding of the regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. It can provide verification documents and services that fully meet the regulatory requirements of GMP/GSP, 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11 and other computerized systems (separately charged).

If an import enterprise uses linklink for OEM in China, can the foreign enterprise use the customer's account to apply for the code?

Answer: It can query through the Acctrue Traceability Cloud (oklinklink) on the website (www.oklinklink. com), and the number of queries will be displayed.

How does the cloud platform ensure technical security?

Answer: The platform adopts the multi-instance operation mode, and the enterprise system is deployed independently, which is safe and stable, and uses isolated data management and application services for each user. It is equivalent to opening a private enclosed space for each user. When an individual user on the platform maintains or upgrades his/her application, the normal use of other users on the platform will not be affected. It also allows users to expand capacity online on demand and easily cope with

Can the original drug supervision historical data be migrated to the Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform?

Answer: CITIC 21 CN, the national drug supervision platform, has stopped operating services. The original supervision code query is still on the National Medical Products Administration platform, and the new traceability code query is on linklink. Therefore, enterprises can choose not to migrate. For the printed packaging materials, the supervision code file and the association file can be uploaded to the linklink platform. The platform also supports the coexistence of drug supervision code and new traceabi

How long can customers get the secret key given by Acctrue after registering for Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform? How long can the secret key be officially used?

Answer: The enterprise customer gets the account number within one week; data initialization involves three tasks: import of product data files, import of unused original platform code files, and import of existing contact companies. The specific import time depends on the amount of customer data, and is generally within one week.

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