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Brightdairy: "from ranch to table" - the first benchmark to trace the whole industrial chain of global low-temperature liquid milk

Whole industrial chain traceability Data middleground Reduce the cost by 15%+ Marketing growth by 80%+

About Customers

Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. The company was formerly known as culty Dairy Co., Ltd. established by a British businessman in Shanghai in 1911. Its brands include "Momchilovtsi", "UBEST", "Puremilk", "PlantVital", "Jianneng", " Umilk+" and "PURE CANTERBURY", and 400 farms, 18 factories, 26 modern warehouses, 400+ dealers and 1 million sales outlets in the whole industry chain are involved. In 2021, Bright Dairy & Food reported the revenue of over RMB 29.2 billion yuan, making it listed among the largest dairy supplier specializing in the production and sales in China.


Project background

At the age of industrial revolution, food production involves various process and complex supply chain levels. How to interlink them and eliminate food risks in the whole chain and keep consumers safe on their tongues? In 2016, Bright Dairy & Food published a new five-year strategic plan. According to the plan, the 1+2 whole industry chain development model was defined, the enterprise vision was upgraded to "Let more people enjoy the happiness of delicious food and health", Bright Dairy & Food will uphold the "Take quality as the core, and promote brand by quality" as the strategic objective to build an internationally renowned dairy enterprise group with whole-industrial chain core competitiveness from three aspects, i.e. strategic positioning, quality system and industrial chain. In this context, a strategic cooperation was reached between Bright Dairy & Food and Acctrue Technology that Acctrue Technology will build a whole dairy industry chain traceability ecological system for Bright Dairy & Food, creating the first global benchmark of low temperature liquid milk whole industry-chain traceability.

Customer demands

1. Establish a whole-process traceability control platform and traceability service platform to allow acquisition of all necessary information from breeding, production, circulation to sales terminal. With Momchilovtsi Yogurt and Zhiyou milk as the pilot products, carry out whole-process traceability of the smallest sales unit;

2. In consideration of the actual production situation and management requirements of Bright Dairy & Food, deal with the current situation of multiple production lines, multiple packaging stations and multiple packaging specifications in flexible manner;

3. Use one-dimensional code/two-dimensional code /RFID to enable all-round anti-counterfeiting anti-channeling tracking and tracing function, and provide more comprehensive services for marketing activities;

4. Conduct multidimensional statistical analysis of full scenario data and generate corresponding data reports and data screens, providing data support for enterprise decision-making;

5 Render data interface services based on various business scenarios to meet the data requirements of front-end business scenarios, improving the data response efficiency of front-end business scenarios.


Acctrue Technology customized an innovative ecological system construction scheme for Bright Dairy & Food. It proposed to build a whole-industrial chain traceability platform for Bright Dairy & Food consisting of whole-process traceability and quality control commanding center, whole-process traceability control platform, traceability service & marketing interactive platform, pasture management traceability system, production management tracking system, circulation management tracking system, production line code assignment system as well as other modules to realize "standard" system operation, "information-based" process control and "intelligent" business management.


1. Whole-process traceability and quality control commanding center
Based at the Group headquarters, the whole-process traceability and quality control commanding center represents a significant component of the whole industry chain traceability ecological system construction of Bright Dairy & Food, and there will also be milk source commanding center, production commanding center and logistics commanding center respectively in the milk source center, production center and logistics center. Under this layout, the information traceability and real-time quality supervision and control of the whole industry chain products will be possible, meeting the needs of commanding, dispatching and decision analysis in case of emergency food safety incidents;

2. Whole-process tracing control platform
The whole-process traceability management and control platform, serving as a platform for traceability data management and application, can enable data docking with the existing systems (ERP, CRM, order management, etc.) of Bright Dairy & Food's headquarters to allow visual management of the whole dairy supply chain, and positive and reverse traceability of products; grasp and analyze the data of pasture, LIMS, MES, production line code assignment, WMS, TMS and dealers in real time, provide guidance to the production plan, improve the management and control ability, and promote the managers to change from "passive feedback" to "active prediction", thereby understanding and dealing with the risks in a faster way.

3 Traceability service platform
The traceability service platform deals with comprehensive data application based on the complete traceability data link, including consumer traceability service system, consumer marketing interactive service system and dealer traceability management system. The consumer traceability service system enables consumers to scan code to query the traceability information of dairy products and provide the whole-process traceability experience of dairy products; the consumer marketing interactive service system supports interactive marketing activities based on QR code, conduct user portrait and market forecast through acquisition and analysis of consumer data and provide more accurate marketing strategies; the dealer traceability management system further improves the management and control of Bright Dairy & Food's sales channels including dealers, grasp in real time the data of product flow, flow direction and velocity, and identify counterfeiting and channeling timely.

4. Production line code assignment system
As a subsystem of ecosystem, the production line coding system mainly assigns packaging codes of products at all levels, and synchronizes correlation data to the data integration and sharing system.

Project achievements

1. Improvement of both quality and control
Acctrue's whole industry chain traceability system can be connected with the original business management and ERP systems of Bright Dairy & Food, so the using department may record the management process data of each link by way of QR code and make related data related in series effectively, ensure the integrity, authenticity and timeliness of data information, realize real-time feedback and monitoring of product quality information and facilitate the enterprises to strengthen the product quality control.

2. Supply chain lean management
"One code for one item" enables accurate control of the channel information and reduces the overstocked and obsolete goods, saving about 15%-16% of the cost, and effectively solving the problems of channeling, returns and preservation management;

3 Whole industrial chain tracing of dairy products
Thanks to "One code for one item", the low-temperature liquid milk whole industrial chain traceability ecosystem of Bright Dairy & Food runs deeply through pasture management, dairy production, warehousing logistics and sales network, with the traceability accuracy to the minimum packaging. Hence, positive and reverse traceability of the whole industrial chain information from pasture milk source, dairy production, logistics distribution to distributors is realizable, guaranteeing safety management of food "from pasture to table".

4. Improvement of the channel driving sales
"One code for one item" enables delivery of Bright Dairy to the terminal directly. With the BC linkage of promoters and stores, the sales enthusiasm of salesman are greatly enhanced.

5. Consumer precision marketing
Based on "One code for one item", "one dealer, one policy", "one store, one policy", "online exchange" and other diversified marketing ways are derived and implemented in the marketing activities of Bright Dairy & Food. Sales of some regions have increased by 80%+ YOY through precision marketing.

About Acctrue

About Acctrue

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