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Yili: The first dairy quality and safety traceability system application demonstration project in the industry

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About Customers

Among the leading enterprises in the national dairy industry, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is one of the 520 national key industrial enterprises and domestic 151 leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization that are first identified by eight Ministries and Commissions of China. It is the first and only enterprise in the history of China qualified to supply dairy products for the Olympic Games, being listed as one of the most valuable brands in China. As a leading enterprise in China's dairy industry, Yili has always taken food safety as the key for enterprise development, striving to offering 100% safe and 100% healthy dairy products. It is committed to provide the whole process monitoring and management from product production to consumers, ensuring that the consumers can drink safe and secure milk. For this purpose, Yili signed a contract with Beijing Acctrue Technology Co., Ltd. on introducing the liquid milk quality and safety traceability system -- Acctrue TTS product quality traceability system, becoming the first in domestic dairy industry with electronic information traceability.


Project background

With the releasing of national "product traceability requirements", product informatization will be an inevitable trend. The Article 42 of the new Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China (Revised in 2015), has proposed that China should establish a whole-process traceability system for food safety, and food producers and traders should establish a food safety traceability system in accordance with this Law, in order to ensure food traceability. China encourages food producers and traders to acquire and retain production and operation information through information means, and establish a food safety traceability system. In the context of fierce market competition, it is extremely urgent to reduce management cost and improve the operation efficiency. Food safety issues are becoming increasingly important for the national economy and people's livelihood. Facing the market issues such as fake goods, channeling and substandard quality, how to help the consumers identify the authenticity of dairy products and how to clearly monitor the product circulation trajectory have become a major concern of consumers and enterprises.

Customer demands

1. Establish a unified product traceability platform in the Group to enable whole-process monitoring and management from product production to consumers, and allow the management departments at all levels to quickly query product-related information from the market and effectively improve the recovery efficiency of defective products;

2. Strictly control the phenomenon of fake and poor-quality goods and channeling, safeguard the brand value and market order;

3. Fully integrate the traceability platform with the business system, and obtain accurate product-related data in each business link based on the product identity code;

4. Improve product freshness KPI index management, prevent inventory retention of dealers, reduce the product promotion and create highest profits

5. Quickly inquire the whole industry chain information of products through mobile terminal APP, wechat public account integration and other popular mobile quick interactive applications. Achieve efficient and convenient business management


According to the overall requirements from the Yili's Liquid Milk Division, Acctrue has developed a comprehensive liquid milk whole-process tracing platform of Yili Group. The platform connects the four logistics links of Yili, procurement logistics, production logistics, sales logistics and service logistics, and effectively integrates the production enterprises, distribution companies, distribution warehouses and agents at all levels of the Group, contributing to coordinated linkage and efficient operation of all processes of the enterprise. The platform is designed with five functional modules:

1. Code assignment system: including code assignment management, data import and export management modules;

2. Anti-counterfeiting management system: combined use of barcode technology, data encryption and various query methods to achieve product anti-counterfeiting function;

3 Anti-channeling goods management system: binding the unique identification code of the minimum sales unit with the region, plus a variety of timely and effective market inspection methods to prevent anti-channeling and implement upstream and downstream management;

4. Distribution management system: assist the enterprises to carry out distribution channel management and sales flow management, and implement timing, orientated, quantitative and pricing management in place;

5. Inventory management system: including inventory management, in-warehouse management, value-added applications and other modules.

Project achievements

1. Take the lead in accomplishing electronic supervision of dairy products in the industry
Establish an intelligent dairy traceability platform for Yili, covering more than 500 production lines in 29 factories, make possible comprehensive management and real-time monitoring from product production to consumers, becoming the first enterprise completing electronic supervision of dairy products in the industry, known as an industry pacesetter.

2. Anti-channeling inspection management
With the application of product packaging code and warehouse management system, finally realize the anti-channeling management of high-end products and guarantee stable market order and product quality tracking supervision, ensuring the food safety of consumers.

3 Greatly improving the data management capability
Upload, parse and process 54 billion entries of data per year in 68 storage and transportation/warehouses of more than 500 production lines in 29 factories under full load operation, improve the system parsing speed by 6 times (from 1.44 million codes per hour to 10 million codes per hour), and make the integration and real-time data interaction with ERP, master data, WMS, cloud providers and other systems come true.

4 Intelligent analysis of supply chain
Realize KPI analysis of the business division, factory, storage & transport department and regional distribution (factory production correspondence rate, warehousing scanning rate, fleeing analysis, etc.);

5 Realize the real-time configuration monitoring of the production line trace and track system equipment;

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About Acctrue

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