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SANY: assign "ID card" for industrial parts, creating a digital supply chain

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About Customers

SANY is the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer, as well as China's largest and the world's sixth largest construction machinery manufacturer! SANY has 30 overseas subsidiaries and deal with business in 150 countries. Its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions. SANY has invested in the R&D and manufacturing bases of construction machinery in India, the United States, Germany and Brazil.


Project background

China is the world's largest manufacturing power and producer of industrial products, it engages in producing a wide variety of industrial products and there are all kinds of manufacturers there. As the leading construction machinery manufacturer, SANY suffers mass illegal reproduction of its products due to its huge market share and brand influence, which seriously prejudices the brand reputation and brand interest of SANY and also put the safety of people's lives and property in severe danger. In this context, Acctrue Technology reached strategic cooperation with SANY to establish a perfect anti-counterfeiting traceability system for SANY's accessories products. This system will enable the visual and transparent control of the whole life cycle from parts production, supply chain to end users.

Customer demands

First, establish a sound anti-counterfeiting traceability platform for industrial products, and provide perfect physical encryption labels to prevent two-dimensional code labels from being copied;

Secondly, establish a whole process management platform integrating code application, code download, code activation, supplier sales and stock-out, agent's signing for goods arrival, SANY whole-process supervision, consumer scan-code for tracing, online procurement and maintenance code acquisition to provide digital service support for improvement of SANY's channel management efficiency;

Thirdly, add business scenario of consumer scan-code traceability in SANY EVI APP portal, guiding users to purchase accessories in the EVI shopping mall.


According to the customer demands, Acctrue Technology has established a product anti-counterfeiting traceability + consumer service platform for SANY, which has the following functions::

1 Send code securely
Support code definition, code application, code generation, code activation, code collection and code cancellation management;

2 Anti-counterfeiting supervision
Apply the physical label anti-counterfeiting and digital traceability technology to meet the anti-counterfeiting supervision demand by combining the unique characteristics of labels with the verification and judgment of traceability data.

3 Supplier sales and stock-out
Access to SANY's ERP system to obtain the details of delivery order, provide code-scanning of the whole batch and whole tray code for convenient delivery, and provide the category, quantity, batch and other outbound check functions; upload the stock-out data to SANY's QR code traceability platform for unified management of backend data;

4. Agent's signing for goods arrival
Automatically synchronize the delivery task order from upstream suppliers, provide arrival signature, scanning code and verification, covering the quantity, category, batch and other information of incoming products, give warning to greatly reduce human errors, and improve the working efficiency;

5 SANY's EVI customer system docking
Connect the traceability system well with EVI system to automatically obtain dynamic maintenance code, so as to complete automatic binding of the vehicle maintenance information with parts; and deliver intelligent maintenance services for consumers through parts use information and vehicle maintenance specifications

Project achievements

1. Improving the anti-counterfeiting capability
Combine the logistics anti-counterfeiting label and digital anti-counterfeiting verification to enable the anti-counterfeiting management of enterprise products;

2. Improving the management ability of suppliers and agents
Manage the information of major business nodes such as anti-counterfeiting data acquisition, stock-in and stock-out scan-code management, and document management to standardize the business process of suppliers and agents, laying a solid foundation for SANY to improve its product service capability.

3. Improving the consumer service capability
Deeply integrate the "One code for one item" product with vehicle maintenance, accessories mall and other modules in SANY's EVI system which will not only improve the consumer service ability, but also bring in a new user entrance for SANY Accessories Mall and other businesses.

About Acctrue

About Acctrue

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