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China Resources Snow Breweries: the first "one code for one item" whole industry chain traceability and precision marketing ecosystem in the beer industry

90% of fleeing goods have been reduced Hundreds of thousands of stores Cost saving and reduction of hundreds of millions of yuan Repurchase rate increased by 55%

About Customers

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Beijing, China Resources Snow Breweries is a tier-one profit center directly under China Resources Holdings, with 100% equity held by Hong Kong listed company (0291. HK). It has set up China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited to invest and operate other kinds of wine.
In 2020, the domestic market share of China Resources Snow Breweries will exceed 30%, with 70 breweries under its jurisdiction, a high-end brand matrix of "Chinese brand+international brand", an annual sales of 11.1024 million KL, and an annual production capacity of 18.75 million KL.


Project background

For the FMCG industry, the channel is the most important, while the terminal is the key to win. The control of the channel terminal has always been the main commercial battlefield of fierce competition among brands. As the most familiar advertisement saying "yong chuang tian ya", China Resources Snow Breweries is one of the leading enterprises in China's beer industry.
However, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the arrival of the digital economy era, the dilemma of the traditional production and marketing operation mode is highlighted. Fleeing and fake goods disturb the market, the information in all links of the supply chain is fragmented, the marketing expenses are leaking, and the terminals and consumers cannot be reached. These problems deeply perplex the major manufacturers. In order to better respond to the challenges brought by industrial transformation and consumption upgrading, food and FMCG brands, including China Resources Snow Breweries, are actively exploring the digital transformation and upgrading of key supply chain scenarios such as production end, channel end and sales terminal, and are looking forward to finding a new production and marketing operation management tool that can further break through the limitations and meet the brand's digital strategic ambitions in the new era.

Customer demands

First, anti-channeling requirement
Dealers’ goods channeling has brought huge economic losses to enterprises and disrupted the product price system;

Second, data acquisition requirement
Supply chain data cannot be collected in real time and accurately. It is unable to solve many problems encountered by enterprises in the process of operation and management through data feeding back business;

Third, marketing expense control requirement
In the process of terminal marketing, there are problems such as liquid leakage, expense theft and expense throttling, which have brought huge economic losses to enterprises;

Forth, consumer marketing requirement
Consumer-based precision marketing cannot be realized;


According to the demand of China Resources Snow Breweries, as a leading digital operation service provider of the whole industrial chain and a long-term strategic partner of China Resources Snow, Acctrue Technology takes one code for one item as its core to create a unique "whole industry chain traceability and precision marketing ecosystem" for China Resources Snow Breweries. By building a real, traceable and verifiable commodity traceability system, it has accurately empowered the full chain digitalization from production, channels, terminals to consumers, and helped build a "customer-centric" efficient and lean digital supply chain.


1 Production digitization
The technology of "internal and external code assignment and mutual correlation" is adopted to assign "two codes for one item" to each can/bottle of Snow Breweries products, and establish the hierarchical association relationship of bottles, layers, boxes and pallets to ensure that the collection rate of bottle caps and packages is not less than 99%;

2 Channel digitization
A product quality traceability system is established to collect and track the raw materials and auxiliary materials, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, market consumption and other links of the product, realize the full life cycle management of the raw and auxiliary materials supply link, production link, circulation link, sales link, and service link of the product, ensuring the precise control of the production enterprises of China Resources Snow Breweries and all links of the supply chain, and realizing the automatic management of out-put and in-put of warehouse, code scanning and anti-channeling inspection and early warning, and dealer cancellation audit and other functions.

3 Terminal digitization
The terminal store digital system built has diversified functional modules such as product sign-in, bottle cap recycling, BC linkage, channeling management, store classification, salesperson management, data report, authority management, message management, etc., which can help China Resources Snow Breweries to further connect and activate the terminal. This not only truly realizes the visual and transparent control of the terminal market, but also makes the terminal store become an enterprise asset, an interactive place between enterprises and consumers, and improves the brand value.

4 Marketing digitization
The digital marketing platform built meets the marketing model of China Resources Snow Breweries digital award cover recovery, redeeming for prize, red envelope, redeeming for material goods, interactive game, one store with one policy and so on, helping the completion of Snow Breweries marketing activities. For the big data analysis of award-winning promotional activities, the platform provides big data analysis functions such as code scanning quantity analysis, code scanning period analysis, hot map of code scanning, and provides auxiliary decision analysis data for Snow Breweries marketing users.

Project achievements

1 Channel management capability improved
It can timely detect and accurately crack down on dealers' goods channeling behavior, eliminate dealers' goods channeling behavior, standardize market order, effectively reduce more than 90% of goods review, and help Snow Breweries recover tens of millions of economic losses.

2 Data management capability improved
Accurately collect the business data of the whole life cycle and business scenarios of the product through one code for one item, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent data feedback business;

3 Terminal management capability improved
Connect terminal stores through "one code for one item”, and carry out fine management of terminal stores. Up to now, the number of registered stores in Snow Breweries has exceeded hundreds of thousands, and 100% of the marketing costs have been truly realized, saving hundreds of millions of yuan in a single region;

4 Improving precision marketing capabilities
"One code for one item" enables delivery of Bright Dairy to the terminal directly. With the BC linkage of promoters and stores, the sales enthusiasm of salesman are greatly enhanced.

5. Consumer precision marketing
The cumulative number of channel marketing and consumer marketing activities reached 100 million, bringing more than 3 million pan-members. Compared with previous activities, scanning marketing drove sales growth of 30%, led to membership growth of 200%, with the repurchase rate increased by 55%.

About Acctrue

About Acctrue

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