How to spend 2023 steadily with roaming prepared dishes

Less than two months after 2023, the "good results" of prepared dishes have been frequently reported, soaring all the way! According to Tiktok data, sales of prepared dishes during the Spring Festival increased by 248% year-on-year; the turnover of prepared dishes in Jingdong increased by more than 6 times year-on-year; the sales volume of prepared dishes on Vipshop's platform increased by nearly 8 times year-on-year; the sales volume of products related to prepared dishes on Meituan Maicai platform increased by 400% year-on-year; the feedback data on Dingdong Maicai is more impressive. Compared with last year, the sales of prepared dishes related to the New Year's Eve Dinner increased by 500%......


Under the infinite scenery, there are also many voices of doubt. According to the top-10 consumer rights protection public opinion hotspots released by the China Consumers Association in 2022, prepared dishes have ranked fourth due to potential infringement risks in product quality and application scenarios. To achieve healthy and sustainable development in the prepared dishes industry, it is necessary to establish corresponding market norms and industry standards to regulate the industry, enterprises and market competition behaviors.


Therefore, how to ensure the safety of prepared food and how to enhance consumer trust have become the key to the development of prepared dishes industry.


1. Be stricter! More participation! More comprehensive!


China's prepared dishes industry started relatively late, but with the strong support of policy guidelines, the industry has made great progress in recent years. Since 2017, the state has launched a series of industrial support policies for the food industry to demonstrate its fully supportive attitude towards the rapid development of the prepared dishes industry from emphasizing food safety, to vigorously promoting the modernization of the food industry, and then to the creation of green food industry clusters.


At present, many provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Shandong, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian and Sichuan are vigorously promoting prepared dishes and gradually increasing the investment in prepared dishes and the construction of cluster industries. In addition, with the recent release of new regulations for prepared dishes, the Guidelines for the Review of Production License for Prepared Dishes in the Yangtze River Delta clearly stipulates the establishment of a food safety traceability management system. Enterprises are encouraged to use technologies such as printing QR codes on packaging to integrate information such as food raw material sources and product self-inspection for consumers to check. Enterprises are encouraged to use the electronic computer information technology systems and means for document and record management.


This also marks that prepared dishes have entered the “mandatory era” of standardized management. Only by continuously strengthening the supervision of all aspects of prepared dishes and achieving standardized production, processing and sales can consumers feel at ease and choose with peace of mind. Therefore, the quality and safety of prepared dishes shall be ensured, allowing customers to consume clearly, which is the key to the sustainable development of the brand.


It can be foreseen that in 2023, the prepared dishes policy will be "stricter" and “more” cities will participate.


II. Full traceability, making the "good days" of prepared dishes more stable


Acctrue Technology is based on the concept of "one code for one item" and can generate the unique product code and anti-counterfeiting code association database on the Acctrue Traceability Cloud Platform. The smallest unit of packaged products is assigned a unique "ID card" - a traceability code through one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, RFID tags and other methods. The whole production and circulation process information of prepared dishes is recorded on the chain, forming a whole process "prepared dishes traceability chain" arranged by time and production order.


By one-click scanning the tracing code, consumers can access the whole process information of prepared dishes, including raw material production, processing, warehousing, logistics, terminal distributors and consumers. This realizes efficient supervision of prepared dishes production information traceability, circulation information inquiry and sales information feedback. By displaying real data through whole chain traceability, consumers' trust and goodwill towards the brand can be greatly enhanced.


In fact, traceability management is just an entry point. Acctrue traceability cloud is based on the concept of "one code for one item", and can do more things:


1. Achieve efficient supervision for supervision departments


The information transparency facilitates the quality information traceability of prepared dishes to a large extent, and also helps the establishment of a risk warning mechanism, and can also accelerate the response speed when there is a problem with prepared dishes, and carry out accountability through layer-by-layer traceability.


2. Achieve digital anti-counterfeiting for production enterprises


Tracing codes are also anti-counterfeiting tracing codes, and can help prepared dishes enterprises to prevent their brand products from being imitated by unscrupulous merchants, damaging their own reputation and brand image. The "one code for one item” anti-counterfeiting tracing codes can be used to supervise some criminals to fake, and can greatly increase the counterfeiting cost for counterfeiters. Even if counterfeiters can imitate one QR code, they cannot imitate millions of QR codes, and there is no way to start.


3. Achieve code-scanning inspection for consumers


Consumers can check the product authenticity on the official platform of the brand by scanning the QR code image. Through anti-counterfeiting tracing, counterfeit products are avoided, reshaping the brand image and making customers feel at ease when buying and eating.


Acctrue Technology's unique construction path of comprehensive upgrading and transformation from the digitalization of production, channel, terminal and marketing to the digitalization of management can effectively meet the internal needs of supervision departments and consumers to improve the comprehensive management level of prepared food safety and realize the visual and transparent traceability control of the whole process, and also solve the core pain points of enterprises, comprehensively optimize the supply chain management and control abilities of enterprises, and provide key system support to assist enterprises in upgrading their digital and intelligent management, so that the "good days" of prepared dishes enterprises can go more steadily and for a longer time.

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