How can small and medium-sized enterprises seize opportunities for change when it comes to digitalization?

The two Sessions of 2023 are underway. This year's government work report proposes to "accelerate the digital transformation of traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to improve the level of high-end, intelligent and green development." This is an important deployment to promote the construction of digital China and promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. From "promoting the accelerated growth of the digital economy" in 2017 to "vigorously developing the digital economy, improving the level of normal supervision, and supporting the development of the platform economy" this year, the "digital economy” has been written in the government’s work report for six times, highlighting the increasingly important position of the digital economy.

From the hot topics of the proposal proposed by the representatives of the two Sessions this year, the digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises has received much attention, with the main focus on "digital transformation and upgrading".

With the vigorous development of the digital economy, digital transformation has become a trend. However, for traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, they have their own difficulties. The digital development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China generally focuses on the basic level of "organizational digitalization", while the "business digitalization" and "industrial chain digitalization" in the application of digital technology with higher technical contents still have great room for improvement.

So, why is it necessary to transform traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises? How can enterprises easily and efficiently achieve digital transformation?

I. Why to transform?

The essence of digitization is change, which is an innovative transformation of management, operation, production and decision-making models. The digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is not for the purpose of transformation, but to adapt to the economic changes of the times and conducting disruptive business innovation. Digital transformation provides a new path for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading at low cost, integrates products, service processes, organizational structures, channels and supply chains, connects the scheduling, collaboration, supervision and control of various business process links, breaks the "information islands", enables data sharing and process connection, conducts data modeling by analyzing enterprise data, provides strong support for market forecasting and business decision-making, drives business improvement, and achieves lean operations or business growth.

Enterprises promote the transformation of enterprise structure and organizational form through digitization, leverage the amplification, superposition and multiplication effects of data elements on economic development, and enable enterprises to obtain full factor, full cycle and full chain dividends in reducing operating costs, accelerating process re-engineering and improving production efficiency.

Digital transformation can help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve multiple goals such as "improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, reducing inventory, green and safe development", so as to effectively and flexibly respond to changes in business innovation and development, enhance their competitiveness and the ability to implement corporate strategies, and ultimately comprehensively enhance their execution ability to achieve sustainable competitiveness.

II. How to transform?

Enterprises shall first understand the essence and connotation of digital transformation, understand the current situation, pain points and management capabilities of the enterprises, and develop transformation strategies tailored to the situation, rather than a universal scheme; secondly, while building a tool-based system, assist enterprises in process sorting, optimization, standardization and institutionalization, which is the guarantee for the normal operation of the system. On the basis of the experience of tool-based application, it is necessary to open up all aspects of the work application scenario to achieve platform and data, make the transformation at the height of operation, and carry out the management work of various scenarios based on the data.

As a global traceability digital solution provider, Acctrue Technology has developed a comprehensive digital transformation solution plan based on the full business scenario of one code for one item on the basis of years of project practice experience, analysis of numerous successful customer cases and in-depth research in the industry. The plan addresses the business pain points of enterprises from production, channels and terminals to consumers, and covers production digitalization, channel digitalization, store digitization, marketing digitization and service digitization five links. Each link has corresponding products, and is continuously iterated and upgraded based on this. The CDC is added to connect the supply chain, connect terminals, reach consumers, start the growth of "one code for one item, and digital intelligence", and to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises in a one-stop manner, making the brand have no difficult business to do!

In the new situation, the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is no longer a "choice", but a "required course". Acctrue Technology has been deeply engaged in the field of one code for one item traceability for over 19 years, serving over 5000 customers. It continues to innovate in the integration of software and hardware in the field of Internet of Things traceability, helps customers easily solve digital problems, helps more and more small and medium-sized enterprises actively embrace digitalization, and explore more efficient and cost-effective management paths, so as to gain greater initiative in the market competition. Acctrue will focus on the digital economy, enable new drivers of digital economic growth, fulfill social responsibilities, shoulder the responsibility of the times, and help light up the lighthouse of digital transformation.

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