Acctrue Technology debuts UDI solution at CMEF event!

The 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was successfully held in Shanghai from May 14 to 17, 2023. Brand representatives from over 20 countries and regions around the world, nearly 5000 companies participated in, and more than a thousand industry experts and opinion leaders gathered together.


CMEF is regarded by the industry as a global weather vane for the medical device industry and enjoys the praise of “aircraft carrier level grand gathering in the medical device field”. The products and solutions displayed at the exhibition represent the cutting-edge innovative technologies in the industry. Acctrue Technology, with its latest products and solutions, appeared at the Medical Equipment Fair, and attracted wide attention from many industry insiders, with the popularity of the booth continued to rise.



On May 14, at the 4th “Implementation and Compliance Forum for Unique Device Identification (UDI)”, Li Pengke, Acctrue Technology solution expert, based on his practical experience, gave a speech on the theme of “Interpretation of Unique Device Identification Regulations and Digital Management Construction”, sharing interpretation of the latest domestic regulations and policies, key points for implementing UDI management, solutions and digital transformation.


Acctrue UDI solution for medical devices, “one code for one device” traceability system, meets national regulatory requirements, and provides one-stop services for UDI coding, declaration, coding traceability, supply chain lean control, and patient refined operation, as well as whole-chain, digital, two-way tracking and traceability + precision marketing, enabling product life cycle management and enterprise digital upgrading!


1. Multi-code compatibility, tracking of both drugs and devices


As a traditional industry, medical device industry has a complex and long business chain, and there are difficulties in multi-code coexistence management. for example, the mixed management of drugs and medical devices. How to simultaneously complete the compliance filing and unified management on drugs and medical devices with different coding standards. Acctrue Technology has provided a solution to this difficulty: manage a variety of products based on the same platform to achieve the coexisting of multiple codes and tracking of both drugs and devices.


2. Connect to overseas platforms and achieve global traceability


The unique device identification (UDI) is the “ID card” of medical devices, the “international language” and “common language” of medical devices, and also a global policy trend. Major countries and regions including China, the United States and Europe are actively promoting the construction of the unique device identification system for medical devices. Acctrue Technology can be connected to US GUDID and EU EUDAMED platforms to provide overseas compliance guarantee for exported products;


3. Open up medical insurance for authentication and verification


Connect to the medical insurance platform to realize the function of automatically uploading the medical insurance consumables classification and code database, connect to the medical insurance authentication and verification system and open up the hospital HIS system to realize medical insurance premium control and traceable flow, and help to make medical insurance settlement transparent and combat fraud and abuse.


4. Open up WeChat and serve patients


Acctrue Technology has reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent to support the connection to “Tencent Healthcare E-drug”, so as to provides patients with diversified medication value-added services such as code scanning query and patient medication through the WeChat “Scan” super entrance, and lay a solid foundation for enterprises to open up end-to-end data channels for patients.


At present, Acctrue Technology has helped more than 100 customers establish a medical device product traceability system based on UDI identification, covering various subdivisions such as in vitro diagnostic reagents, medical beauty products, contrast agents, high-value consumables, low-value consumables, and medical equipment. Typical customers include Huada Biotechnology, Wantai BioPharm, Leadman, Sansure Biotech, HYBIOME, BERPU, Changchun Botai, Bausch & Lomb, etc. Help enterprises build a medical device traceability system, to meet supervision compliance and associate with internal information management system of the enterprise, break data islands, and achieve whole chain data tracking and precise recall. The solution has been highly recognized by enterprises.


Acctrue hopes to help the country build and improve the UDI identified traceability system for medical device products, truly realize the modernization of supervision with information technology, and create a more intelligent medical device supervision system! In the new era of "strictest supervision" for medical devices, Acctrue Technology looks forward to working with more medical device enterprises to provide superior solutions and products, as well as high-quality and thoughtful services, to escort the implementation of medical device UDI and the construction of product traceability system for the customers!



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