Seminar on the Construction of Global Drug Traceability System Based on GS1 Standard was successfully held in Shanghai

On April 26, 2023, a seminar jointly organized by China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, GS1 China and PSM Foundation was successfully held in Shanghai with the theme of "Meeting the Challenge of Pharmaceutical Globalization Together - Seminar on the Construction of Global Drug Traceability System Based on GS1 Standard". Acctrue Technology participated in this conference as a supporting unit, and Mr. Xie Zhaohui, Chairman and President of Acctrue Technology, attended the conference and delivered a speech.


I. Experts gather together, with substantial information


This forum gathered several experts and scholars with advanced experience in the industry, as well as elites from multinational pharmaceutical companies. From a global perspective, the latest progress and innovative achievements in the construction of the GS1 traceability platform system for imported drugs were shared and discussed in a comprehensive, deep and multi-dimensional manner from trend analysis, regulatory interpretation, technology application, solutions to practical implementation in various links. In the collision of thinking and brainstorming, stimulate the new thinking and new direction of the digital transformation of medicine were stimulated.


The forum was presided over by Mr. Zhang Xiaole, Chairman of the PSM Foundation. The attending guests, Ms. Feng Shujuan, Deputy Secretary General of China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Mr. Du Han, Deputy Director of the Application and Promotion Department of GS1 China and Mr. Xie Zhaohui, President of Acctrue Technology, delivered speeches in turn. Subsequently, Ms. Su Xiaocui, Director of the Application and Promotion Department of GS1 China, Ms. Yin Xiaomei, Vice President of Acctrue Technology, Mr. Xiao Long, International Business Solution Expert of Acctrue Technology, Ms. Lin Ying, Product Manager of Tencent Healthcare E-drug in Tencent Medical Health Division, and Mr. Zhuang Lingyi, Senior Supply Chain Manager of Amgen Biopharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Gu Yazhong, Senior Information Technology Manager of Gilead (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and Mr. Liu Xiaowu, a solution expert in the pharmaceutical industry of Acctrue Technology, gave wonderful speeches on the theme of the seminar, conducted in-depth analysis of industry development trends, broadened professional horizons and proposed unique insights. The speeches of several experts sparked the thinking of on-site guests, and the on-site questioning session responded positively, with mutual communication and a lively atmosphere.


II. Common development: How to use GS1 standard to achieve full traceability?


Ms. Yin Xiaomei, Vice President of Acctrue Technology, Mr. Xiao Long, an expert in international business solutions, and Mr. Liu Xiaowu, an expert in pharmaceutical industry solutions, gave wonderful keynote speeches, sharing the GS1 regulations, Acctrue imported drug GS1 full chain traceability scheme, and relevant successful solution model cases.


In 2019, the National Medical Products Administration of China issued a new specifications for the traceability code, in which the original electronic supervision code as the only medicine traceability code was expanded to the coding rules that conform to the ISO relevant international standards (such as ISO/IEC 15459 series standards), making the GS1 standard recognized and adopted in China and achieving international integration.


For imported drug companies, the most important concerns are:


  • Meet the regulatory compliance requirements in China;


  • Connect with L4 to obtain association and outbound document information;


  • Based on GS1 encoding, connect with domestic supply chain data to create a complete traceability data chain;


  • Some strong SKUs have strong control capabilities over domestic distribution links, and there may be demand for terminal settlement and patient data collection;


  • Master the domestic inventory and sales situation, and develop reports.


Acctrue Technology and Tencent have reached a deep strategic cooperation and officially released the first imported drug GS1 full link traceability SAAS platform in China that meets the latest regulatory requirements. They are committed to the digital application and service of pharmaceutical full industry traceability. The Xi'an Jassen GS1 pilot project established through cooperation has successfully landed, providing a model case for pharmaceutical enterprises to connect with third-party traceability platforms in China. Acctrue Technology is the first and currently the only provider of traceability and digital operation platform solutions for the whole industry of imported drugs in China.


Acctrue GS1 traceability platform builds a medicine traceability platform in line with the requirements of China NMPA regulations for pharmaceutical enterprises based on the GS1 international coding standard to realize the whole-link and whole-chain traceability from overseas origin to Chinese patients.


1. Connection with overseas L4 platforms


Connect overseas L4 platforms such as SAP-ATTP and Tracelink, and provide one-stop connection to EPQS format association data and outbound data files of overseas production enterprises.


2. Connection with national supervision/coordination platforms


Support connection with NMPA medicine traceability supervision platform and medicine traceability collaborative service platform, so as to meet the regulatory data exchange requirements in China.


3. Connection with the national medical insurance platforms


It supports to connect to the national medical insurance authentication and verification system, to realize medical insurance code matching, stock-in/return code scanning for verification at hospital and code scanning for settlement at pharmacy, helping to control the medical insurance premium.


4. Patient digital service


Support connection with the mini program of "Tencent Health Medicine Kit", provide patients with various services such as anti-counterfeit traceability query, medication reminder, online consultation and medicine purchase based on WeChat, and comprehensively improve the digital management capabilities such as brand marketing, private domain diversion, medicine re-purchase, patients classification, medication compliance management, etc.


5. Full supply chain digital management


Full-process automation, accurate flow tracing, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, dynamic inventory query, pharmacy management and marketing engergization, patient management



Acctrue Technology has accumulated numerous user resources in the pharmaceutical field, established an industry upstream and downstream connecting ecosystem, in order to provide customers with better network resources in the future to help them build a digital pharmaceutical ecological operation center.


This seminar has high theoretical and practical significance in addressing the challenges of current drug globalization and inspiring strategies for building a global pharmaceutical traceability system based on GS1, and reflects strong practicality, pertinence and foresight.


Mr. Xie Zhaohui, President of Acctrue Technology, said, "Acctrue Technology has been focusing on tracing the development and trends of the digital field for 19 years, and always pays attention to the development and improvement of new technologies, architectures and businesses. It has made many contributions to helping the country establish and improve the national drug information traceability system, achieving data connection between medicine, healthcare and medical insurance, and providing digital transformation and upgrading for enterprises. We will continue to work hard and persist, striving to become a national brand with a high international perspective.”


With the development of big data and digital intelligence, Acctrue Technology will keep up with the pace of the times, actively respond to the national call, deepen the traceability digital thinking, broaden its breadth and depth, and strive to integrate more cutting-edge and innovative technologies and concepts into our products and services, meet the growing digital management needs of customers more effectively, and promote the new round of development and prosperity of traceability digitization.

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