Consulting Service

With successful experiences in different industries, we will provide professional consulting service to help clients adopt appropriate and efficient automatic identification systems, meet specific regulatory compliance and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Policy Interpretation

Business flow planning

Risk evalution/vendor evaluation

Surrounding system integration

Project Implementation

Based on clents' real situation, combined with Acctrue's automatic identification technology  advantages and features of the software to develop customized application solutions by  providing customers with automatic identification equipment selection, determining the scope of work , tasks , work product , project planning , project organization , staff responsibilities , project management and risk assessment work. 


Software deployment

Software deployment/hardware installation    


System validation – Acctrue is able to support quality and validation processes with detailed qualification documents designed in accordance with the cGMP guidelines, the relevant GAMP 5 standards, UNI EN ISO 9001.



After-sales support

Support for execution flow             

Remote Support       

On-site support

Process Design

Through the user's actual business process, provide strategic assessment to users, business analysis, system application and feasibility of the solutions, to help enterprises to locate information construction, provide guidance for the user information construction scheme