Product Whole Life Cycle Management Traceability Platform

Product traceability whole life cycle management platform - By applying the technology of Internet of thing and the concept of "one code for one item"; based on pharmaceutical, Food & Berverage, FMCG as the core market, product traceability whole life cycle management platform can achieve visibility of all links within supply chain production enterprises, wholesale enterprises, packaging enterprises, terminal, and consumers. It provides a regulatory tool for government, services including execution of supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting, diversion, tracing the recall, traceability management, flow direction management, mobile interconnection, consumer management, big data applications to group enterprises, and food & drug safety  for consumers.  


Product traceability  whole life cycle management platform can meet the demand of various business functions, including: service release management, product management, serialization code  management, data management, regulatory report management, tracing management of production and raw materials traceability management, inventory management, early warning management, flow to the query management, medicine, anti-counterfeit.


Wide applicability

Support different industries’supply chain model

(independent factory, CMO,CPO, pharmaceutical exports, group mode, different storage, multistage distribution, etc.), meet the rapid development of enterprise business needs

Support multi-national regulations traceability requirements

Supports a variety of domestic and international data exchange standard

A high degree of automation

Internet cloud based platform, helps enterprise quickly set up its own traceability system to meet the regulatory compliance and, the need of supply chain management

In an open and sharing of design idea, the enterprise can quickly build cooperation between partners

Strong Data processing ability

Huge amounts of data processing, efficient and stable safety of real-time data services


Real-time control of supply chain

Allows businesses to get the real-time observation of the whole supply network and combine with enterprise ERP software to make better planning and execution. 

Better quality control process of external supply chain and enterprise supervision 

One-stop traceability service

Comprehensive utilization of the global tool of Track and Trace, reducing risk, cost, time, response to the different global traceability requirements and government regulations.

Comprehensive method of anti- counterfeiting and market channeling 

Open a brand new communication channels between enterprise and market, by using mobile Internet to verify the identity of the product and information to achieve market comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and diversion prevention.


Big data information service platform

Provide big data platform to enterprises with integrated supply procurement, manufacturing, distribution, customer management and other kinds of information application service, build a service chain for enterprise fast response market demand information

Process Design

Through the user's actual business process, provide strategic assessment to users, business analysis, system application and feasibility of the solutions, to help enterprises to locate information construction, provide guidance for the user information construction scheme