Software Solution

•TTS Product Quality Tracking and Tracing System


TTS Product Quality Tracking and Tracing System utilizes advanced internet of things technology and tools to grant “ID” – a tracing code to a single product through common digital, one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode, RFID labels, etc. The system achieves one barcode for one item. It collects and tracks data in production, warehousing, distribution, logistics transportation, and market inspection of products; customers, etc. It achieves whole life cycle management including production, sales, circulation and service of products.


Track and trace data in full circulation field.

Reduce logistics cost of enterprises.

Recall quickly frozen products.

Improve distribution channel management.

Display actively information.

Handle warning information.

Analyze customized reports.

Analyze business intelligently.

Enterprise mobile law enforcement.

Product bug-sale analysis.

Anti-fake concept based on business logic.

Consumers information exchange.

Visualized product flow direction analysis.

Real time warehouse monitoring.

Easy operation.


TTS is mainly a bidirectional traceability system developed especially for enterprises, with main function modules: system management, material management, product management, supervision code management, plan management, early warning management, warehousing management, inventory management, flow direction query, inventory query, bug sale management, and statistical statements.


Improve management means and concepts of anti-fake and anti-bug sale for enterprises.

Enhance the ability of rapid reaction to market for enterprises.

Enhance the control capability of distribution channel for enterprises.

Speed up the logistics operation efficiency and reduce cost for enterprises.

Effectively manage the last mile of corporate retail terminal. 

Enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises and the market share of products.

ESC—Production line coding system( Line/site level serialization solution)

Using by over 10,000 production lines, our ESC is the perfect solutions of serialization that is compliant with regulatory requirement to achieve item-level traceability. On line level application, ESC can easily integrate with various devices like cameras, printers, scanners and machine control to assure the integrity of whole serialization process.  It grants the unique identification such as 1D barcode or 2D matric to packages at different levels from small package like carton, to bundle and to large case. Those serial numbers will be communicated with respective printers and camera system through ESC. 

On site level, ESC performs strong management functions by handling order information, product data, packing formats and codes, serial numbers and picture information on all levels. Aggregation relationship will be generated and managed among multiple-level packages. ESC system will automatically record production data, batch number and other relevant information for each item. The collection of output statistics, consumables use, personnel workload and other important information will be provided for management purpose and directly connected to the production database. Last but not least, ESC can be linked to upper enterprise level system and network structure.


With great flexibility as a full-featured stand-alone serialization solution or integrated to a common ERP system or regulatory data repositories.

Turnkey installation and easy-to-use software interface with the ability to maximize OEE.

Manage serialization and aggregation at different package level.(carton/bundle/case/pallet)

Fast processing speed, up to 800 codes per minutes

Offers a variety of implementations, such as manual packing of fixed scanner, packing of mobile terminal devices, packing of fully automatic equipment, semi-automatically packing, etc 

Handle typical situations such as reworking of damaged cartons, correcting aggregation in an easy and efficient way.  

GAMP5 system validation 

Widely compatible with a variety of hardware. 

Provide record and report of serialization process.


Product data management system provides a set of data management solutions for production enterprises and circulation enterprises. The system integrates drug managements, serialization code management, warehouse management, pallet management, code print management, upload management, and system management to achieve the seamless data transfer and synchronize. 


Saving Data Locally

Retain enterprise receipts in order for query and management of serialization codes. 

Enterprise Data Exchange

Sharing data with original ERP, WMS, etc. management systems of an enterprise to achieve seamless abutment and enhance information level of enterprise management.

A Complete Solution for Data Collection

Complete uploading and downloading data in one stop. Realize data genuinely. Eliminate procedures like manual collection, inputting, etc. Reduce error rate. Improve work efficiency.

Serialization Number Distribution Management

It can meet various demands of unified distribution of supervision codes for enterprises. It can help achieve collectivization and unified management.

 WMS—WMS Warehouse Management System


WMS Warehouse Management System manages daily business and operation of existing warehouse and storage area through advanced devices, such as barcodes, RF wireless data terminal, etc. The system operates independently. It can complete warehouse daily business management and execution management; it can meantime complete seamless interface with upstream management system according to customer demands; it can also achieve timely communication connection with downstream stacker and conveyor through the related equipment to control hardware equipment fast and efficiently.


Decisions supportive: optimize decisions and enhance value.

Specific implementation: enhance the accuracy rate; increase production; reduce the labor and equipment costs; reduce inventory, action cost and backlog; improve customer satisfaction.

Business collaboration: optimize library; enhance customer service; employ vendor management inventory; improve inventory, orders and shipments visibility.

Optimization implementation: rationally use warehouse space, inventory and workforce; grant rewards according to working performance; increase the transparency of key performance norms; monitor the operation; enhance the control and coping ability of events.


Give 100% play to ERP efficiency.

Informationized nerve extends to the working site; solve digital execution management problems.


It automatically recognizes the terminal equipment instead of the originally manual operations to improve efficiency and reduce the error rate. 

Synchronize logistics and information flow to ensure timely and accurate data.

Improve inventory management level to reduce logistics cost.

The handover process is simple to improve customer satisfaction. 

Reduce personnel and the parallel work of all links; solve warehouse queuing phenomenon.

Process Design

Through the user's actual business process, provide strategic assessment to users, business analysis, system application and feasibility of the solutions, to help enterprises to locate information construction, provide guidance for the user information construction scheme