Big Data Digital Marketing Platform

Based on“One Code for One Item”, utilizing IOT technology, combined with mobile internet, led cby joyful consumption, and linked by FMCG company platform, big data digital marketing platform establishes the interconnection between products and consumers, products and enterprises, and products & products. It helps form a completely new industry ecosphere with consumers as its initial point to facilitate big data smart ecosystem with FMCG as its core. 

B  Internal Control Value

Mark the QR codes containing product information on the product. Every QR code is a ID, recording all information, including production, warehouse reception, warehouse dispatch, logistics, channel, terminal store, etc. It realizes the track and trace of flow direction. 

Timely data collection of whole process 

Enhance quick response of enterprises to the market

Improve the management of marketing channel for enterprises

Improve the conversion management means and concept for enterprises

Speed up the operation efficiency of logistics operation for enterprises and reduce cost.

Effectively manage the last mile of retail terminal for enterprises

Promote enterprise market competitiveness and product market share

C  Marketing Value

Put QR code containing information such as brand content, promotion content, etc. on the package of commodity, so that each QR code becomes an internet gateway. It connects an enterprise with market, promotes sales, and makes the promotion incentive more timely and effectively. 

Enhance the interest of the promotion, and stimulate commodity sales

Enhance user stickiness, and enhance consumer loyalty

Enhance interaction and timely access to consumer feedback

Enhance marketing accuracy, and support “one strategy for one store”, and “one policy for one location”

Increase the use of marketing costs, prevent the closure, and save costs

Enhance the effectiveness of feedback; help enterprises understand the activities in a timely manner and make an accurate assessment

Increases flexibility of activities from the post assessment to intervene in the middle, which can adjust the activities in a timely manner

D  Big Data Value

Deeply mine and analyze the collected and generated data from enterprise production,     circulation, terminal and consumer that it has a new application value, which is conducive to the adjustment and optimization of the production and marketing decision-making.

Develop from transaction data management to social data management

Develop from structured data management to unstructured data management

Optimization enterprise intelligent supply chain decision-making system

From multi levels such as the decision-making level, analysis layer, execution layer, etc., complete the whole process of management including marketing, service, and sales.

Access to accurate data of huge amount of consumers, consumer behavior labels and their precise portraits.

Helps brands and companies find opportunities, such as new customers, new markets, new rules, etc.

Consumer Incentive

Incentives are in various forms, including red envelopes, card & vouchers, accumulative points, gifts, and other material incentives; titles of honor and other spirit incentives; athletics PK, games and entertainment, and other fun incentives.

Channel incentive

Promotion staff motivation, waiter incentives, businessmen incentives, terminal stores incentives, etc.

Product traceability

Collect and track data of links including production, warehousing, distribution, logistics, transportation, marketing, sales, etc.

Product  Authentication

The anti-fake inquiry and verification is based on business and data logic.

Diversion Management 

Support for a variety of inquiries and regulatory methods, and support the application gateway of the WeChat public accounts. 

Product flow Management 

Management of product flow through data monitoring and quickly recall. 

Supply chain execution

Real time synchronization of logistics and information flow; transparent and visualized management of supply chain.

Business analysis and management early warning

Mining, analysis, management & distribution, product inventory, flow and other data

A variety of early warning mechanism can control the abnormal situation of each node

Consumer research

Digital interactive research; can be customized; can provide multi-dimensional research reports.

Data report

Basic statements, sales reports, stores promotional statements, prizes exchange, consumer electronic maps and other reports can be updated in real time according to time and place.

Big data analysis

Enterprise production data, channel data, terminal stores data, audit personnel data, sales personnel data, business personnel data and consumer data can be collected, mined, analyzed and managed.

Industry Advantages

More than ten years of "One Code for One Item" management experience

Many industry experts in spurting codes, laser, label & printing, camera inspection, product innovation, etc.

Technology advantages

Original “One Code for One Item” technology meets the serialization requirements of "internal and external double codes" information aggregation.

The "double codes" system contains 7 patents for the invention, the Serialization is accurate, and the output is as high as 72W/H.


Process Design

Through the user's actual business process, provide strategic assessment to users, business analysis, system application and feasibility of the solutions, to help enterprises to locate information construction, provide guidance for the user information construction scheme