Acctrue released “Big Data Digital Marketing Platform”, and “Two Codes for One Item”.


Acctrue US subsidiary was established.


The newly released 51 Lixin Platform carries out the SaaS service, leading the industry direction.


New Products Release Conference was held in Shenyang with the launch of BizTTS, BizESC, BizPDM and BizWMS.

Eight subsidiaries were established around China, including the northeast, North China, East China, central China, Shandong, Southern China, southwest and northwest.

Acctrue established 6 major product divisions in 6 major industries, covering all aspects of the supply chain.

English version of Acctrue software products was officially released. Acctrue succeeded in entering the overseas market.


Acctrue signed a TTS tracing project with Milk division of Yili Group. 

Acctrue E-coding System V4.0 was officially released. Acctrue launched the national tour.


Acctrue held TTS Bidirectional Traceability System News Release Conference.

Acctrue signed a TTS system project with Liquid Milk division of Yili Group and Huarun Snow Beer.

Acctrue successfully attracted risk investments: National Development and Reform Commission Venture Capital Funds and Wuxi City Hall Venture Capital Funds.

Acctrue set up a channel cooperation system covering the whole nation and attracting 50 channel partners.

Acctrue finished stock system reform.


Quality Safety Tracing System was widely used in a variety of industries, completing software products. 


Acctrue signed a barcode system project with Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. 

Acctrue signed a supply chain management project which was the biggest RFID information system project of Chinese military with some military unit.


Acctrue signed a big WMS System Development Project based on EAM with Shenhua Group.

Acctrue developed the special drug production management system for State Food and Drug Administration and the pilot was successful. 

Acctrue implemented Carrefour (China) RF wireless information system with national 106 stores in full swing.


Acctrue underwent a transformation strategy with the first“supply chain execution system” concept and application which won Beijing Software Double Certificate.

Acctrue cooperated with Haier to develop “Production Execution System MES" which passed industry experts review.

Shenzhen working body, Chengdu working body and Xi’an working body were respectively established.

Acctrue implemented the WMS project for affiliated enterprises of National Banknote Printing and Minting Company.

Acctrue launched China's first Enterprise Management Solution for Iron and Steel industry.

Acctrue cooperated with Tsinghua University to launch a project to develop Distribution Management System.


Shanghai working body was established.

Acctrue signed RF Retail System strategic cooperation with Home World Group.

Acctrue signed Three Dimensional Warehouse project with Qingdao Haier.

Process Design

Through the user's actual business process, provide strategic assessment to users, business analysis, system application and feasibility of the solutions, to help enterprises to locate information construction, provide guidance for the user information construction scheme