Hardware Solution

All in One Inspection Station

An ideal solution for labeling, serialization code printing and package inspecting on large box. It comes with alarm system to assure data integrity during operation. Easy to integrate with OCR, OCV vision systems.

Convincing highlights

Dispensed labels from the reel while automatically adapting to the printer´s speed.

Auto adjustment of labeler and inspecting device to fit different size of shipper case 

World Class Sensor System

Industry Standard Safety Design, effectively prevent operating mistake

A stable convey system for best printing and scan results

• Sealing & Labeling Station

Double-faced real time sealing and labeling machine can achieve multi-tasks in one station with the feature of simultaneously sealing package on both left and right sides. Equipped with Ethernet front-end ports/serial/parallel data transmission mode, achieve real-time management and system integration purpose. An ideal solution for automatic packing line. 

Convincing highlights

Auto correction function to assure label quality. Two unwinders with integrated splice function allow an almost uninterrupted production.


Easy operation with adjustable speed feature

Advanced printing technology supports all major coding formats


• All in one serialization/aggregation station

This all-in-one station with our build in ESC software solution can meet all your needs in product serialization, aggregation and inspection. It can either work alone or be seamless integrated with current production lines. Design and stainless steel housing in accordance with GMP

Convincing highlights

High accuracy air rejecting system


High resolution camera systems verify correct printing and serialization


Turnkey Installation with compact design

Speed adjustment with VVVF technology: 5-40m/min


High quality touch LED screen, user friendly interface

Conveyor System Station

With great expendable capability and flexibly, this station can be integrated with various vision, labeling, inspecting and weight checking systems to achieve different kinds of track & trace purpose.  It has been widely adopted in packing and production lines of pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other industries.  

Convincing highlights

Accepted customized dimension design based on the real situation of your production lines 

Easy maintenance 


ntegration vision system and ESC software solution 


Integration of labeling system


High Speed Page Separating and labeling Station

Combing the advantages of page separating and TTO, this station can achieve high accuracy and fast speed in printing serialization code, separating paper box, soft bag, instruction book and all kind of flat materials.

Convincing highlights

Great flexibility, can integrated with all major TTO brands

Easy operation with speed adjustable feature


Reliable separating capability can quickly handle heavy task


Real time labeling & printing station

This station builds with user friendly operational interface and provides many way of labelling options. It can be connected with central data control system to achieve real time management and remote management. 

Convincing highlights

Advanced adjustable features to assure correct label position

With Zebra advanced printing engine assures high grade of quality

Multi-direction labelling support (Top/side/corner)


Spray codes and adhesive package production line

Combine automatic codes spraying, adhesive spraying and camera detection. One dimentional barcode, QR code, number, pictures and other information can be printed on the packages of commodities. Integrate with adhesive spraying machine to complete the adhesive spraying and seal automatically(Tamper evidence ) . It can complete the whole packaging of products, automatically detect the accuracy of sprayinig codes, and conduct OCR verification of phase 3 commodity data.

Advantages and Features

Integrated system with multi-functions

High speed production with high efficiency

Automatic detection with high accuracy

Clear codes spraying with high degree of recognition

Aggregation data to prevent diversion and fake goods

Easy to be operatedand occupy little space

Standard conveyor

Products and materials can be conveyed on the horizonal direction. With corresponding management software, it can help conduct operations such as conveying detection, rejection, etc. to realize the high-efficiency production and management purposes.

Advantages and Features

Simple struction and easy to maintain

User friendly

Automatic and intelligent. Save labor and time.

Good material. The operation is stable. 

Flexible configuration. Customization upon requirement.

Application Scope

It can help achieve automatic operation of production line. It is widely used in assembling, production line, and production line reform, etc. 

Process Design

Through the user's actual business process, provide strategic assessment to users, business analysis, system application and feasibility of the solutions, to help enterprises to locate information construction, provide guidance for the user information construction scheme