Dairy Products

Dairy Products Industry Product Quality Tracing  Solutions

Industry Features

Dairy products are one of the most basic life necessities for urban and rural residents. Its quality and safety relate to vital interests of urban and rural residents; even to the stability of the whole society. At present, many countries are watching and actively promoting the application of tracing technology in the dairy products production supply chain.

In September 2010, the General Office of the State Council issued "The Notice on Further Strengthening Dairy Products Quality Safety ", which required Quality Inspection Administration, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce as well as Food and Drug Supervision Bureau to meet departments concerned for the urgent study of electronic information tracing system implementation with infant formula milk powder and raw milk as the pilot to realize the effective supervision of the whole process from milk source, procurement, production, leaving the factory, delivery, transportation to the sales terminal and ensure that the authenticity of products can be quickly identified in any link. The national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" has clearly put forward "the establishment of food and drug quality tracing system and the formation of a safety responsibility chain which can trace the source; verify whereabouts and investigate as well as affix the responsibility ".

A Typical Case

Yili Group


The first complete quality traceability project of the milk industry in China

The group supervision platform system covering the whole process of the supply chain

The overall plan includes: production management, factory logistics, warehouse management, circulation flow direction management, bug-selling prevention management, provincial and group supply chain monitoring platform.

The system realizes the whole flow direction, flow rate, inventory, distribution, etc.  management of products.

Implementation Effects

To reduce the workload of workforce: the project greatly reduces the intensity and difficulty of labor operation through automation equipment, such as automatic line, handheld terminal, etc.

More standard and fine management: Circulation through the electronic receipts avoids many paper receipts or a mess; the system drives staff to work; at the same time, the enterprise management becomes more fine due to the serialization management of products’ minimal packages, which greatly enhances management and control ability of products for enterprises from just managing the number previously to be able to manage each box now.

More efficient query: all report forms are presented in real time electronic format; one can query various report forms whenever and wherever possible.

•   Provide data support for the decision making of enterprises: this system enables the headquarter to control and be absolutely clear about the production of each factory; the inventory of each sales warehouse; the sales of different products and sales differences of separate regions in order to provide enterprises with strong data support for the decision making.

Bug selling control: because of the high value of high-end products and the big pricing difference in separate regions, the bug-selling phenomenon is serious. An enterprise can punish distributors with bug-selling behavior according to the system bug-selling early warning and the mobile inspection of related personnel through the system, which has greatly reduced the loss bug-selling phenomenon brought to the enterprise.

Process Design

Through the user's actual business process, provide strategic assessment to users, business analysis, system application and feasibility of the solutions, to help enterprises to locate information construction, provide guidance for the user information construction scheme